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    The psychiatric hospital told me they were going to fax release forms for me to sign so they could get info on difficult child- therapist, psychiatrist, psychiatric hospital, sd. So, I went to a place because I don't have a fax machine at home and they sent 28 pages of all kinds of forms. There were about 14 release forms so they could send all this psychiatric hospital's info to sd, PO, courts, etc. I haven't even gotten thru them all yet- but I came home. I wasn't comfortable faxing all them back. I understand that sd and PO needs some info- but everybody doesn't need everything. And, for instance, it is a blanket release, so all difficult child's info would be sent to entire sd and if they just stuck it in his file, anyone pertaining to the school would have access to all of it. Has anyone been faced with all this?

    There is a statement at the bottom of all of them that says a general or limited release will not suffice. It's one thing for the psychiatric hospital to get all info on difficult child and for his gal to have access, and maybe even judge. But everyone in this state doesn't need access to every detail.
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    The reason for the releases is to obtain your permission. There should be two releases per entity (SD, therapist, psychiatrist,ect). One release will give permission to receive info from and one will give permission to give info to. You are wise to look over each one and determine what specific information is needed in each release. If you do not want to release info as requested, it is up to the psychiatric hospital to explain why they need the info. That is the entire purpose of the HIPPA laws. You should not be forced into a blanket release if you have concerns.
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    Well, even if they were to give me some answer as to why sd would need every detail of his psychiatric hospital stay, I'm still not going to be comfortable signing it. There is a law that says the sd has to be informed of certain things, ok that's fine, but everyone in his current school and future school doesn't need every detail of a psychiatric hospital stay. I just know there are too many teachers and even admin who have tried to counsel difficult child in the past, and they have no busiiness doing so, and it reveals to difficult child that what he said in confidence to a mental health provider just got blabbed all over the place.
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    I NEVER sign those without edits. I never give permission for the school to have any communication of any kind with the psychiatric hospital. Don't let them bully you into something you don't feel comfortable with signing.
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    klmno - for years now, any medical records released to the school come from me. So if the SD wants ABC, they have to ask *me* for it and then I get it for them. They still every once in a while try to get me to sign a release, but it just isn't happening.

    You have absolutely *no* obligation to release any medical records whatsoever. Of course, you would probably have a hard time using what's in those records to justify an educational placement if you don't give it to them but that's why I pick and choose what is released. The full extent of my difficult child's psychiatric history and treatment is absolutely not going to become part of his school record.

    I would never ever ever consent to having anyone from the SD "talk" with either one of my special needs kids providers. Actually, I don't even consent for SD to contact my pcs' pediatrician. I am the gatekeeper, period. (OK, a little Type A here, LOL.)
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    Thank you! I feel more comfy now. Of course, I'll probably get the wrath from gal- although she's an attny, she appears to think that I should be a door mat where others' demands are, or else I'm not being cooperative. (Are you starting to see how I got this nasty reputation with people on the county payroll?)
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    I suspect the school release has to do with the educational piece/schooling he'll be receiving while he's there. That being said, it should limit the release to educational records only. You're right, they don't need medical records.
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    OK- I spoke with sw. I'm fine with the psychiatric hospital getting all info from everywhere and I'm fine with them giving all their info to mental health profs here and even the court side of Department of Juvenile Justice. But, I questioned giving all their info to sd and PO (a different release then courts). She said we could limit the one to sd (he does need his school stuff from there to go back to the school- but we can delete mental health details). RE. the PO- she said she could discuss things with PO so PO would understand more and get on board. Yes, that would work with an objective, average, person, but the more info PO gets, the more she thinks she's an expert and the more she tries to order every little detail in my life. I think I'm just going to have to wait on that one and start letting these people know that this particular PO needs to be switched out and so does her super. Maybe if they see that I'm willing to work with any and all other members of this group but not those particualr 2 people. They can check and see if there was any problem between me and the PO difficult child had 3 years ago. There was not.