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    Hi, I am brand new to this site and to parenting. I recently adopted a teenager and am going through the "post-honeymoon phase" with her. It's going to take while to comb through all of the "me, too" stories that I have seen, but am relieved to know that I'm not the only one :)
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    Welcome. You are definitely not the only one struggling with parenting a teen.

    Just wanted to tell you I read your post and offer you my support.
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    You are far from the only one. When you're ready to tell your story, we'll be here to listen.
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    Adoptive mom of a few here. I found older kid adoptions to be very challenging. Is your daughter from the U.S. foster care system or another country? What is her history like? I would expect different or exaggerated behavior from a child adopted as a teen. More than just typical teen problems. The child has to have seen much trauma and loss.

    When/if you are ready to share, we are here. I have adopted abroad, U.S. foster care and privately from ages infancy to 11....and various ethnicities.There have been various levels of success with the younger kids much easier and ulrimately much more rewarding than the older ones. One was too dangerous to live with us. We have seen it to worst.

    All of my kids are adults now.

    You are not alone, but there are differences between difficult children who have always been loved and adopted kids who spent years tossed around and possibly abused (11 year old had a horrendous background but he didnt remember a lot of it....yet his anger was more like rage....and he hurt our youngest two).
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