Remember "Layaway" shopping?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by witzend, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. witzend

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    I saw this on the news the other night. It is a cooperative between merchants and a new site called "elayaway". You shop for what you want, then set up a layaway buying plan. You select how many payments you want to make and how often, and at what amount per payment. They send you an e-mail 5 days before your payment is due to remind you to set aside the money for them. When you are done paying, they ship it to you and you don't owe a big bill on it. There is a small transaction fee of 1.9% on the final balance (including shipping).

    I thought this would be great for those of us who don't want to put anything on credit, or who are trying to be disciplined about saving for something.

  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Imagine the look on everyones face this year when they found out Our WALMART doesn't do layaway anymore. OMG the language you hear when you are anywhere near the bathrooms/layaway from seemingly happy mothers thinking they can lay away christmas. :nonono:

    I think Walmart is cutting off it's nose to spite it's enormous friggin smiley face. :smile:

    Oh that's right - the smiley face doesn't have a nose - WM thought of that too. :devil:
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    OMG, I used to use layaway all the time when the kids were "kids"! Not only could I shop very early at my leisure, I could pay it off a little at a time. But the very best part was that I didn't have to worry about hiding it all over the house - Wal Mart did that for me until I was ready to go get it!

    I wouldnt have bought half of the stuff at Wal Mart that I did if they hadn't had layaway!
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    Layaway was the bomb. You weren't cool unless you used layaway.

    Now, you go to the layaway department at the store and it is all covered in cobwebs. You have to get permission from a district manager 3 states away for an employee to help you. While you wait, a tumbleweed blows past.
  5. 1905

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    BBK you are so funny!!-Alyssa
  6. WhymeMom?

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    BBK, you actually get someone to help you? I'm thinking when that hot place freezes over....
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    I remeber one year trying to wait in line to put one big item on layaway and there was a couple in front of me that had a cart FULL of everything from tennis ball to dental floss and they were making the clerk put it all on layway, they are the people who drove layaway away
  8. witzend

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    So, will anyone try it? I might, when I have a chance to look at it. Their list of merchants is enormous!
  9. Kjs

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    What I have been doing for several months now is....
    going to Walmart every payday and purchasing a gift card for myself. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/money.gifmoney/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/money.gif difficult child wants TWO items...both are sold at Walmart. B-day is mid December and there is xmas. I will use my gift cards to purchase these items!
  10. Star*

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    I saw that tumbleweed - looked like donald trump - both with bad combovers