Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Hi my dear friends.

It has been some time since I had time to post.

AS E remains in recovery and remains at home. We had a series of assessment done with psychology and psychiatry. He has ADHD and anxiety disorder, he has underlying Boarderline Personality Tendscies and Conduct Disorder. He has an IEP in process for school. Currently he is working towards his academic high school diploma and is torn between studying Scinces or Electrcal engineering. Both are sound choices.

He is under the care of a good health team. He was extremely hesitant to go on amphetamines for his ADHD and has been out on medicinal cannabis. This makes me nervous as he was hoffically addicted to THC before he ventured into other drugs. He does appear to be doing quite well on the treatment. It’s bit cheap and our health Bennifits do not cover the cost. They would cover the cost of an amphetamine.

He is getting 90s in functions. And he gave up the full time factory job and is looking for part time work.

He will attend full time school next semester to get the last of his high school credits. He is in the process of filling out college applications.

He is a pleasure to be with and is very loving and genuine which is very soothing to the soul.

I have a dark fear that I try to keep in check and so have to remind myself this is his path as he must take accountability for his own actions and his own life.

We have been in and out of court dealing with his criminal charges. We have one trail set date next week and one trial. We are hoping the courts will see to dismissing. His charges.

I started a new job 8 weeks ago and it is too much for me to handle. The amount of work they expect is 24/7 and I am simply too old and wise for that. I have an interview tomorrow to work full time in a clinic. Less money but better work life balance.

Which me luck on all fronts. I miss all of you and wish I had more time to be here.


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LBL. As I read your update summary I feel that the three of you, with the treatment team have put together a platform of truth and integrity and love and support. It is helpful to know what is Evan's baseline psychological functioning. Looking back at the worst, when he was out and about, one can almost see the underlying influence of ADHD and borderline tendencies fueling impulsive choices and acting against the thinking and restraint that would have supported good ones. Or looked at another way, maybe he self-medicated. Can we ever know about the past?

But you do know now. And so does he.

Oh how wonderful to have your loving son back. Isn't this what we really long for, and crave?

These life choices and prioritizing are hard FOR ME, at my life stage. That he is thinking through options and wanting and intentions in a serious and deliberative way that is heartening. You seem to be on the same path. Through trial and error trying to find a fit in work that supports you and gives you your life and does not take it away. I don't know how you do it, but you do.

It is so good you are back. And that your news is so good.

PS I hope E's charges are dismissed. And prayers for a new, easier job that is just a job--9 to 5 preferably that you can leave there at the end of the shift.

Thank you for checking in.
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I am happy to read good news. Good news brings hope.
Sending you good wishes for the new job for you and for E's charges dismissed.


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Good news for your family LBL.

I agree that we need to cut back on working our fingers to the bone in our 50's. Not gear it up.

I do hope that you find a good fit for yourself so that you have time and energy for your home life!!