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    I know quite a few of us have hard-to-wake kids and spouses. I grew up with a bro like that. Even when my Dad made his alarm about as loud as could be with-o getting noise citation (neighbors could hear it from INSIDE their homes with the doors/windows closed!), he didn't wake up or stay up. If he had to walk over to it, he just went to sleep on the floor or wherever. Drove me NUTS because my room was next to his.

    In high school I came up with a solution. NOT one your loved ones will enjoy. Gfgbro didn't. But I DID!!! :bigsmile::cutie_pie: He paid me $5 per week - in advance to make SURE he would get up in the morning at a set time (time was same all week).

    I kept a quart of ice water in the fridge and poured it on him in his sleep. :irock: He was NOT allowed to be angry with me because he didn't ask how I would wake him up. He always woke up hitting - hard. My mom and I had several black eyes already that year from that (TOTALLY not intentional - he truly was asleep. Now I know it s tactile defensiveness). I could pour the water from behind the couch he slept on (he did have a bed - couch was his choice).

    It worked so well I did it for most of a school year. He PAID me to do it for the rest of the school year!!!

    So that wouldn't work so well for most of us now. We would just have angry kids/spouses/whatever to deal with all of forever and we would have to listen to the story of how cruel we were forever too. Plus if you can't get paid then it isn't nearly as much fun!!

    So I have a solution for you!!!

    Clocky is that solution. Clocky has sturdy wheels on each side and runs around the room until you can turn it off. It isn't always easy to catch Clocky either, Clocky is around $40 on amazon but I bought ours for a bit under half that plus shipping about 3 yrs ago. My niece adores it and drove gfgbro NUTS with it. (I did NOT give it to her even though it was pink - it only came in pink, I promise!! Pinky Swear!!) and he ended up begging my mother to keep it at her house.

    You could always use it a few days and then keep it as a consequence. Don't get up for your reg alarm? Make ME late to work because YOU cannot get it together in time to leave? CLOCKY will help you manage your time for a few days!

    Here is the link to amazon listing:

    Just something that popped into my head this morning.
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    I got this for oldest difficult child when she was in college because she was having a hard time waking up. I also got her another version that plays her music (can't recall if it loaded mp3's or something). She loved it and still uses it now since being home. I have seen other versions at where when the alarm goes off the top takes off (think whirly gig, propeller like) and flies away and in order to shut it off you have to retrieve the propellers as they are the actual "key" that you have to put back in to turn it off.
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    That's pretty cool. Ever tried putting your alarm clock on a cookie sheet? It makes the thing - ECHO.....echo....echo..........

    Dude had to be the worst person in the world to wake up - so I trained him to use "Back Track" and while he thought it was the WORLDS LAMEST TRICK - it's worked wonders. At night before you go to sleep until you get conditioned? You stand at your bedside and if you want to get up at six AM - you take six steps away from the bed, then BACK TRACK six steps into your bed. all the while you say I need to get up at six, I need to get up at six am , I need to get up at six am - then fall into bed, cover up and go to sleep, watch tv - read a book - For the first week - you can use an alarm but you'll probably wake up before or right at 6:00 AM -

    Eventually you won't need to use the alarm -For 1/2 hour - you take a half step, 1/4 hour - 1/4 steps - I've been doing this for years - because like your brother? I came up swining. NO idea why. To this day - you can't stand over me to wake me - better to grab my feet and shake me or just not touch me at all. I just startle very easily and I hit harder than I startle. I do NOT ever mean to hurt anyone - But you can ask DF about NOT waking me. You'll only need to do it once to remember. That's how I know your brother wasn't faking it at all. It's not a good feeling - that's why when I heard about the walking backwards - I worked on it -and taught Dude - he was worse than I was - crabbier, grumpier - and when he fell back to sleep? it was hopeless.
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    I might try to get this for difficult child. He is hearing impaired and doesn't hear the normal alarm clock. easy child wakes him up on school days but she is going off to college......time to try something new.
  5. HaoZi

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    I'd consider Clocky for Kiddo but I guarantee it would annoy me before it got her moving and I'd be the one chasing it down if the cat didn't get it first (or if the cat didn't totally freak out).
  6. Star*

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    Wonder what a cat's take would be on this?

    Cat conversation in the den -

    SO did you see that new thing they go to wake themselves up?
    Yeah I think it's called a Clockey
    Clockey? Wow - what an original name. (snickers into paw)
    Hey - they're humans what do you want? Genius?!
    Yeah, I guess that's reaching a bit. If they just took cat naps.
    Well now we're back to genius again. (more snickers)
    I know lets just sit here on top of the curtains and see what happens in the morning. Okay?
    (Clocky goes off) =rolls around - cats watch - human stumbles around trying to turn it off.
    Trying.....trying.........trying..................still trying........10 minutes later......still ......trying.
    (cats look at each other puzzled)
    Well that didn't work like I thought it would - what did you think?
    Nope...I figured once he chased it all over the room he'd be up and ready to go.
    Yeah -
    Yeah - Not go back to bed exhausted from chasing his clock around.
    Well maybe he's just taking a cat nap?
    HEY - NOW you're talking!
  7. HMBgal

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    I got my daughter one that you attach to the leg of the bed and shakes the beejeezus out of the bed.
  8. susiestar

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    My dad once created something to do tht for bro and it shook him out of bed a few times. didn't wake him up at all though. We even had a bell from an old firehouse, one tht told everyone there was a fire, and it didn't wake up bro when right next to his head.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I can't imagine being woke up with a firehouse bell - I'd freak out! lol. And someone shaking my bed? It'd be like an earthquake. (or a cheap motel - or so I'm told)
  10. DammitJanet

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    You know whats funny? I dont hear Tony's alarm...or I didnt when he slept in the room with me, but I would hear my alarm and they were the same alarm. We had a duel alarm clock just set for two different times. Makes no sense at all. Evidently it was something like Star said and I knew instinctively that I didnt need to be up at 4 am but that my alarm would ring later.
  11. InsaneCdn

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    Dad had a set-up once (way before I was born) for somebody that boarded with them... and involved numerous kinds of bells and such... on the OTHER side of the room. And they had to be turned off one at a time... so you had to be awake to do it.
  12. garrison

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    I use frozen marbles in a metal water bottle. Shake the bottle as you come up to the bed if that doesnt wake him I toss the frozen marbles in his sheets. You can't get away from them in bed! Now all I have to do is shake the bottle. LOL
  13. TerryJ2

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    Yikes! Don't wake ME up that way!!!

    Clocky is a good idea for people who have floors. difficult child has ... a jungle. With clothes, shoes, sticky spilled juice, pencils, books and crumpled up paper. Unless Clocky is an all-terrain vehicle, I think Clocky would go wocky. And get stucky.