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    Sam’s Club
    Sam’s Club is having a nation-wide Back-to-Class Open House during 8/5-8/7 from 10AM to 6PM where non-Members can shop with no upcharge and no membership is required.

    Not all of their prices are better/than.......but some of their stuff is ----compare and save!!!!

    We buy their brand dog food lamb and rice and it's fit for human consumption - better than Eukanuba - and LOTS cheaper.

    They also have 15 pack rawhide rolls for $9.00- DF cuts them in 1/2 and we get 30 nice size rolls for the kids for cheap cheap.

    Laundry Detergent and Fabric softener? about the cheapest you'll find......Name brand or store brand.....(be prepared to buy the 110 load size)

    And BEEF Oscar Mayer hotdogs - they sell 4 or 6 packs in a bundle for $7. something - cheap....

    Butter 3lb tub is like $3.50 ----crocks shed spred.

    So some of the things there ARE worth going for (to us)

    If you enjoy DiGorno Frozen pizza -

    I think their 3 pack is like $9.99 -----

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    Thanks. There's a SC not far from me but we belong to Costco and I can't see joining 2. I think H and I will head over there and check it out tomorrow.
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    Hmm. They checked our membership cards yesterday in cincy........maybe they got a late start.

    But this is good to know, got some people here who would like to go.

    And darn it you reminded me I forgot to pick up dog food while I was there. ugh
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    You'd think a town the size of mine would have a store such as this. There is a Costco an hour and a half drive away but because of the distance I've never been inside. I've heard such great things about "some" of their prices there, apparently some of their boxes of meat, birthday cakes, household cleaners and detergents etc are phenomenal prices. I imagine your Sams Club is similar. I always get frustrated hearing of the great deals in those places and having no access to one. I know a lot of people here do use that Costco because the city it is in is a common place to go for other things (specialists, shopping, etc). S/O's mother lives just past that city but we don't go that way enough to justify a paid membership. Actually I just assume so, I have no clue what memberships at these types of places cost. Are they pricey? If they aren't, I might need to consider getting one for those times we head that way visiting family. Hope you all get some good deals