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    I know some of you have Sam's. I don't know if Costco does this but you could ask.

    Around here Sam's Club has a booth at the front of the store wehre they sell pizza, hot dogs, drinks, etc..... It makes a cheap lunch and/or drink because a big slice of pizza and a coke is about $2.50, just a 32oz coke is 87 cents.

    We eat a LOT of pizza because it is fast, easy, and kids will eat most any veggie if we put it on top of a pizza. My kids love the pizza at Sams.

    Did you know that you can buy a box of pizza crusts or balls of dough for just under $16? 14 crusts or 20 dough balls per case. You can also get 25 pounds of pepperoni for $65. My husband and kids LOVE pepperoni and we split a box iwth my parents about every 6 mos and get crusts every 6-8 weeks. More if the kdis are making breakfast pizza too. I used to fuss because they wouldn't clean out the breadmaker and it drove me nuts. Now it is clean when I want to make something and I don't always have to clean out the pizza dough from the pan when I want to make something.

    The crust is pretty good. Plus you can by 5 lbs of cheese for about $14-$15. Used to be $12 until last month, but it is almost $10 for 2 pounds at the grocery here, so I am thrilled about 5 pounds for $15, lol.

    Depending on how busy your Sam's is, you may have to call a day or 2 ahead to get the pepperoni, but the pizza crusts/dough is usually not a problem.

    A great gift might be a pizza crust, a jar of sauce (homemade or store bought), cheese, and maybe a topping if you know one they like. Put it in a gift box or get an empty pizza box from a local pizza place (large size - these are BIG crusts) and it would be a nice surprise for many people, plus at about $1 per crust it is NOT expensive for you either.

    OH, if you do a lot of yeast breads, Sams has 2 one pound pkggs of yeast for under $5. You can't buy just one but it will keep a long itme in the freezer and even if you can't use or find a home for 1 package it is still vastly cheaper than anywhere else, at least around here. We got one about 6 months ago and gave the 2nd pound to a friend with 9 kids (one of thank you's close friends) and it was appreciated and we both still have a lot left.

    Thought I woudl mention the pizza as my kids are so thrilled with it and it is so cheap. Esp as they have decided they LOVE almost any veggie on it except asparagus and/or brussels spouts. husband suggested those and was told they would not try it. but peppers, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and lots of other thigns are a go. Broccoli is esp good on pizza, in my opinion.
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    I have my special treat at Costco - a hot dog (which sadly is no longer Hebrew National) and a soda (refillable) for $1.62 including tax.

    A pizza pie is $10 whether it's plain, pepperoni or everything. Since we're plain pizza people, that annoys me a little but still the price is so good, it's worth it. We often order one while on the check out line and take it home. Also, the sushi is VERY reasonable and my sons love it. I am not a sushi person but the boys enjoy the treat once in a while. The sushi is in the store part, not the cafe.

    I enjoy shopping at Costco. I've never been to Sams.
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    Fwiw-Aldi has Take and Bake pizzas (refrigerated) and they're HUGE and around $6 for the cheese-a little more for meat.

    They are amazing-same size as the ready to bake pizza at Sams & Costco but they taste better and are $3-$4 less!

    We love them - we used to spend $70 on take out pizza for the kids & their friends after football games. Now we spend $20 and bake only as we need them. Less waste, less money! And the kids prefer them! Win!
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    We don't get the ready to bake pizzas. These are a bulk deal, you get the crusts by the case and they are better than the ones in the take and bake pizzas. I thought they made the take and bake pizzas there, but they don't. My kids don't like their take and bake pizzas at sams/walmart but do like the ones that they sell cooked, which are the same as the crusts we have been buying.

    I wish we had costco here, but I don't even think they are in our state. As it is we drive 90 min to go to Sams. As husband is now teaching weekly in the same city, and my doctor is also in that city, we don't have to pay for the gas too often so it isn't a problem. But it is still a drive.
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    I've never heard of Aldi's before.

    Costco has the frozen pizzas to take home but at home we make our own and they're better than any others.
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    Aldi's s a chain that in the US is off brand groceries and select other goods like household stuff, and they have very cheap prices. They have a very different line in Europe, or so my mother tells me. I keep an eye out there for chocolates, etc.... Often the brands they have are good quality and less expensive than what most US stores have. Last summer we got chocolate bars in 82% cocoa, 7-% cocoa, 70% cocoa with chilis, milk chocolate and some other one with coffee beans. They were crazy cheap, like 6 or little 1 oz bars for $2 or less. I don't buy the regular brands like M&Ms or whatever there usually, just the not common labels here because they are usually a good thing.

    Don't buy their cocoa though. The stuff for baking, no clue about their hot chocolate. They used to have amazing quality cocoa powder for baking and it was about $1.50 for 8 oz - this was back maybe 10 yrs ago. They only had it in the winter months, but it was worth stocking up on it ( we use it in choc cake, brownies, etc.... all the time). Then about 5 yrs ago they changed. It was like bakng with sawdust - very very dissapointing esp as they wanted $2.50 for it!! I was glad I bought a can and tried it before I stocked up!!

    You DO have to watch the price per ounce, sometimes it sounds lke a great deal but actually isn't. That is NOT as common at Aldi's as at other stores though. We have had few complaints, if any, about their brands. The kids like most things there as well or better than at other stores.

    You have to either bring your own grocery bags or buy them from the store. They do not give away paper or plastic bags, but they will sell them. Their plastic bags are NICE and will last for many uses. I used to buy them because they are really nice to have around - never a hole in them, and they aer about the size of a walmart or target reuseable bag.

    They are not everywhere in the US. I have to drive a long way to get to an Aldi's, but if we are in the area I stop in.

    Oh, you will need a quarter to get a cart. You get it back, but it means that the staff doesn't have to chase them and they don't get stolen near as often.