Captain Morgan - New Vet Update!


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Captain Morgan is doing better AND getting his Siamese attitude and talkativeness back! We saw the vet last week and she was quite pleased. We did have to get an antibiotic because he was using the hall carpet instead of the litter box for peeing. Rather than yelling, I always go to the vet first thing. I learned that years ago with another cat. The antibiotic is working and he is using the box again.

He is still on the prednisolone, but only once a day, and they added arava (lefluonimide) about 6 weeks ago. He is eating!! On his own and being rather demanding if he wants more. He does not want the wet food anymore, not any brand. He wants dry food and is chowing down. We kept track and he was eating 5-6 times a day. If his bowl doesn't have food, he get right in our faces and demands that we go give him more - NOW!

He does still want people food. Jess sat down to eat a hot pocket last week and he got up on her chair and took it away from her. Dragged it off of her plate, which wasn't too hard as she was laughing at him. He apparently likes the cheese in it.

The best news is that he turned his weight around and was up to 7 1/2 pounds from 6 3/4 at the vet visit 3 weeks earlier!!! The vet was so happy she just beamed. They just adore him there, and were really afraid a few mos ago that they would end up putting him down. Now she doesn't think so. His blood count is almost perfect too!

I went out today and got him a new brush, 2 new red spots (laser pointers), Greenies treats (HARD to find here) and one of those toys that is the pole with the toy on the end that you dangle and pull. He has started to really play again, and I want to make sure he has toys he likes. He is just so funny some days the way he makes husband cater to him. Now he is training Jess too. If they fix themselves a drink or snack without offering him one, boy oh boy are they on his bad list. He mostly pouts at Jess. husband gets the pouting but Morgan does it on his chest with his tush in husband's face. NOT what husband wants, lol.

I just thought I would share because the weight is a real change as he had started to lose and we had to feed him with the syringe for a week or two. He decided he didn't like that so he started eating again.

He really HATES the food the vet sent us. Jess got a can down and he saw it and started to gag, lol! She hadn't even opened the can! He tried to bury another can when she opened it. He sure has opinions.

If he would wear a collar with-o turning himself inside out, I would take him for a ride to the drive through. One cat we used to have in OH used to go to the pizza drive through. They adored him and would have a treat - once we ordered under the cat's name and they made a little pizza just for him and hsaped it like a fish! Didn't charge us, just did it for the cat. He would stand on the passenger seat with his paws on the dash so he could see - it was the cutest thing. But Morgan will have NOTHING to do with a collar, so he doesn't get to go to the drive through to get snacks.


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Terrific news. Our little kitty lost 9 oz and we were really concerned but it turned out she was just constipated. A little laxative in her and she gained 3 oz back in no time. I'm so glad Captain Morgan is doing good.


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He has decided he will not drink out of a bowl if it is still. We noticed him drinking condensation off of a bottle one day, so now he has 2 bottles that we freeze and let him lick on during the day. They get cleaned and re-frozen when melted or at mid-day.

While that is nice, we went ahead and ordered a pet fountain that they drink from the running water rather than the bowl. I was shocked at the local prices - more than 3x amazon for the same brand and model, even at the chain pet store. I almost jut built a fountain, but amazon was pretty inexpensive.

It should come this week and I cannot wait to see Morgan's reaction!