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    difficult child is in school at Department of Juvenile Justice however in our state, Department of Juvenile Justice does not control the school. There is a department of correctional education that oversees these schools and they fall under the state DOE in order to keep the schools out of Department of Juvenile Justice control. They are supposed to be pretty good- the one difficult child was in last year was really good and a lot of boys graduatted high school and started in college classes.

    This one he's in now hoovers big time. They have him in the bare minimum three core classes with an additional five bogus electives that probably won't count for anything in a mainstream school. They don't seem to care that his last sd had him listed as college bound (not saying he'd actually make it but he had the academics for it so far) or anything else.

    I rec'd a notice about an IEP meeting to include the transition planning (transition for after high school not back to mainstream) and the meeting is to be held next week. I responded with a letter giving them my input/suggestions for the transition planning per their request, then included a paragraph about his current classes, his academic goals, and what the mainstream school will require next year. (They aren't even giving him enough credible classes for him to be classified a Junior next year even if he passes them all.) I emailed the letter and mailed a hard copy and asked that his classes be changed immediately. I wrote a list of what they should be but included choices. For instance, he should be taking ahistory classes - either "ABC" or "DEF". They offer both and usually have don't have more than a few students in each so over crowding in the class is not an issue. I told her I was emailing the letter so that difficult child could be changed asap. His guidance counselor had said she wouldn't change them without talking with the IEP coordinator first, who is the person I emailed.

    She emailed back today saying she would forward my letter to all people for the IEP meeting next week- nothing about changing his classes this week. There is NOTHING in his current IEP saying he shouldn't be in these academic classes. Actually, it's more to the contrary. But by waiting until next week, it gives them more of a leg to stand on by saying that it's too late in the quarter now to change him. He has been there for two weeks now. I called guidance counselor last Tuesday. I emailed this letter Sun night so IEP coord would get it first thing yesterday.

    What do you "argue" (for lack of better term) to get your difficult child put in better classes- academic classes that they qualify for instead of bogus electivess (ccommercial cleaning) that they don't want to take and will only set him up to quit high school. It will completely ruin his goals and probably end up with the mainstyream high school keeping him a sophomore next year. The longer this drags on, the less chance there is in getting him switched.

    Also, what's the time limit for having an IEP meeting after a kid transfers schools? (The same limit applies to Department of Juvenile Justice schools.)
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