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School psychologist emailed me. All testing is complete. She didn't go into specifics and will go over it at the IEP on Monday. She said she really enjoyed herself being with a student as knowledgable as him.

Just noted that academically he tested 92% higher than other kids in his grade.
Now mind you...difficult child had skipped a grade, so he is in 7th grade, when he should be int 6th. now he scored ALMOST 100% higher than other 7th graders? I should be impressed. But, it makes me even more depressed. I just wish he was normal.

The person who knows difficult child the best, counselor who has saved our sanity more than once said she would come to IEp with me if it would be scheduled after elementary school was dismissed. Which is 40 minutes earlier than middle school. I informed everyone that I needed to reschedule and why.

Then friend called. The principal at her school will not allow her to attend an IEP for my difficult child at the middle school. (this principal came when difficult child was in 3rd grade. It was the 5th principal the school had. Her very first words to me were, "oh, you are Alex's mother, do you know how many complaints I have about him?" My response was, "have you met him? Do you know what we are currently working on? (FBA and district testing and counseling going on) She never even met him. I asked what the complaints were, she went on and on. So, I went to lunch with him, and spoke to the lunch ladies about his misbehavior. They had no idea what I was talking about. he was no problem. Same in the library, gym...was true in music. This principal wanted to switch him to a room I totally disapproved of. I told her NO I do NOT want him moved. Next day difficult child went to school and his desk was moved to the other room. (I had a meeting set up with SD prior to her doing this) I informed difficult child if his desk was moved to call. As SOON as he called, principal heard and moved his desk back. told me the Janitor must of done it. So, even if it is not during school hours, I guess it could be a conflict with her job. And of course me/difficult child already have history with this principal.
So, IEP back on for Monday afternoon. I am so not ready anymore, because I just don't care. I fought too hard, too long to be treated the way he treats me.

Well...break time. Get to go smoke my one smoke a night. i have to leave the property to do so.


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So the couselor/friend you are talking about is an employee of a school your son went to earlier and her principal won't allow her to attend your son's IEP meeting at a different school? I suppose it could be considered a conflict of interest - not sure it's legal though.



That is it exactly. difficult child has been involved with her since 1st grade. Probably spent more of his 5th grade year in her office doing work or talking, than in the class. But, if I had his class I would of too. I asked to switch, and principal told me no. counselor said "frankly...nobody wants him".