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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Tiapet, Mar 20, 2008.

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    I'm here in NC. Just recently the kids all got contracts to bring home for parents to read and sign (and the kids). In it it basically spelled out the rules and expectations for riding the bus.

    In closing it stated "riding the bus is a privalige not a right".:confused:

    Ok I'm a little confused now. I always thought it was the schools responsibility to transport the kids to school by law (except perhaps those schools that didn't need transportation because the distance was so close)? Am I wrong?
    Does anyone know anything about the law on this? Does it only pertain to special education, the ruling, or is it for all children?

    If the case is in regards to kids with an IEP then my next question would have to do with those with an IEP and and 504 and how it might differ?

    Do either children have certain rights, especially if they have been having problems on the bus (either caused by themselves or by others)?
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    Tia - Not sure about 504, but for kiddos with an IEP, transportation must be documented on the IEP as a related service. If it isn't, then the contract applies I believe.

    For example - Boo's IEP has trans. as a service because he has to have a wheelchair bus so if he were to be a behavior problem (I wish, LOL), district would *still* be responsible to provide transp even if they decided to kick him off.

    I think with thank you I always made sure transp was on as a related service so that he would be covered if he got kicked off.

    I kinda would think that since 504 doesn't specifically cover related services, then district doesn't *have* to provide transp.

    If no IEP, then unfortunately transp does become a privilege not a right. I know in IL if we transport more than 1 mile to school, we can request reimbursement from SD.
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    I always thought it was a right myself - but that right can be taken away if the child misbehaves.

    My son is in self contained classes and rides the "Special Education" - "short bus" - "ESE" or whatever they are calling it these days. Since being accepted into the ESE program he had to ride the special bus.

    He is due to start riding the regular ed bus in a couple of weeks. He ask me this morning if he could continue riding the Special Education bus - I ask him why he wants to and get this - it's not because he is afraid or anything - it comes right to our driveway and waits (not long mind you) on him. Lazy little sucker!! I told him no!

    Gotta love em.
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    Get it written in the IEP. My son was transported in a van once to get from one school to another for Special Education. They do have to provide transportation. If the child can not ride the regular bus, they need to come up with a solution.
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    Remember, YOU can call an IEP meeting at any time. So, if it is NOT in your IEP, it is probably time to call a meeting so that you don't have to worry about if difficult child will be kicked off. It might also be a time to ask for anything else you want. I find that mid-year IEP meetings get a lot more results. Maybe it is just our schools.

    Anyway, I would NOT wait until there is a problem, call the meeting so you don't have to worry about problems.
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    Thank you all. I was kind of asking this question more from a regular ed perspective then a Special Education. That one I really knew that I could get written into an IEP if necessary as my oldest had to have a special van take her to and from school many years ago as she couldn't handle riding the bus.

    I just always thought that school had to provide transportation to all students period if they lived so far away from the school (unless of course child got kicked off bus and wasn't covered under an IEP). I guess it was my fault in the way I worded the question and not being clearer.
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