Schools Need To Re-Open - SOON!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Nov 6, 2012.

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    We were supposed to be off from school today anyway because of election day (the districts here feel that it's a safety issue to have the kids in school while there are people coming in and out of the schools all day long), but we have been missed 6 school days due to Hurricane Sandy. When we got the call from the district Sunday afternoon they said that some buildings still were without power and phones. Today the teachers had to report for a teacher development day and they said that they were going ahead with that, so I am hoping and praying that they are able to open the schools tomorrow. easy child isn't having too much trouble, but difficult child is going to drive me to drink!
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    Sending you a case of cranberry juice and some ginger ale to go with it, so you can "drink" and still be somewhat sane...
    Life just isn't designed for difficult child kids, is it?
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    I hear you and feel your pain! Today marks day 7 of no school for us too. I just got the phone call that schools will be opening tomorrow! Of course now difficult child has a new is not fair that some districts still have no school and he has to go back! Unbelievable how he can be so self centered on the suffering going on all around still and that is why some schools can't open. We've had a horrible school year so far because difficult child many days has refused to go because "school is boring and he'd rather stay home and play video games" so I anticipate getting him to go tomorrow should be a real joy! Anyway, hang in there because hopefully your phone call will be coming soon!
  4. Ugh! Crossing my fingers that school is open tomorrow and the kids can go back to their routine.
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    I've said many times the whole thing is awful but I could only imagine the scene here if we had to change our routine that much along with many other issues. You had posted right before the storm about how difficult child was already so I was worried about you!
    I'm praying for a return to routine for you as soon as possible ....
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    (((hugs bunny))) did you make out from sandy?

    we are fine, no real damage and finally got power back, but school isnt reopening until the 12th....its a shelter, and umm, since the people there kind of lost everything, i'm really not sure if it wont still BE a shelter.

    hopefully it wont snow....
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    Bunny, Are you in NJ? The gov. Chris Christie wantes all schools to be open Thurs and Fri because the teachers convention is cancelled. That makes sense, but our school is staying closed those 2 days. We also have today (Tues.) closed for a teacher in-service day. These kids need school, we can't start a new spelling list, a new science chapter...really anything- with only 2 days per week. Also we don't have school Monday. It's too many days off, we spend our days reviewing. I feel you.
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    NO, we're on Long Island.

    SCHOOL IS OPEN TODAY!!!!!!! Woo hoo! He then, of course, started this morning with, "I'm really nervous about going back to school. What if we get tons of homework?" I told him that it would a normal school day and that he will get whatever homework he gets and he will just have to deal with it. It' stressful for the teachers as well.

    We made out well in the storm. No power for 5 days, but no damage to our house or property, except for a broken outside light and a missing chimney cap. I can live with that, especially after seeing the devestation that so many others are going through.

    difficult child was so-so during the blackout. He had two really good days, but Friday was the absolute worst. He was screaming that the neighbors' dogs were in our yard (again. This has been on on going problem with this neighbor, who just does not seem to care that her dogs keep digging their way into my yard). When I went to go and tell her that her dog was in the yard he ran into the house and locked all of the doors, leaving easy child and me outside. Then he had a fit because my neighbor knocked on the door and told him that if he ever locked his mother out again he would come over and have a few things to say about it. He attacked me, trying to punch me. easy child tried to pull him off me, so difficult child turned on him. I told easy child to go to his room, but difficult child pounded on his bedroom door so hard that there is now a lovely crack in the door (difficult child has already been told that he is paying for a new door).

    easy child had lunch, and then we left because we had to run some errands. Then you know how it is with a difficult child. He's calm. He's sorry. He's upset and crying because I told his father that he damaged the door ("Why didn't you tell him that easy child did it? He LOVES easy child and easy child wouldn't get into trouble about it!" Really?). He's feeling better, so why and I still mad? Really, I should have called the police and had him arrested. I don't know why I didn't.

    easy child did really well with no power. He can find ways to occupy himself. Everything that difficult child loves requires an electrical outlet.

    I told husband that we are getting a generator. I am not going through this again.