School's own psychologist found similiar problems with difficult child~


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I'm a bit overwhelmed right now, but we finally got back the report from the school-contracted child psychologist. He says, "Mood Disorder-not otherwise specified", "Depression", possible Early-onset Bipolar Disorder....along with his ADHD. We have another ARD meeting scheduled for 2/2/07 to develop a BIP. The funny thing is......he's not had ONE conduct mark in almost a month. This kid is about to do me in!!!!!!!!!!

The doctor is taking him off Risperdal and Clonidine, but leaving him on Geodon that he started about a month or so ago and adding Rozerem for sleep. So far, no mood stabilizers.

I finally figured out that all we do is vascillate back and forth with medications and therapy till he's eighteen (never knowing what really works and what doesn't) and then pray, hard..... :crazy:


Well-Known Member you have this new diagnosis. I have a question about the medications though...

What medications have you tried before? I notice in your signature that you discontinued depakote because of anger issues. What other mood stabilizers have you tried? If it was me, I would really be pushing for a first line mood stabilizer with a Mood disorder not otherwise specified diagnosis in there.

Your little guy has been so difficult for so long that I know you are worn out. Has he tried lamictal, lithium, tegretol, topamax, trileptal with any luck? How about seroquel as an antipsychotic? I personally like that one pretty well as well as abilify. I didnt have as good luck with geoden but others do.

If he is having any anxiety maybe vistaril would be an idea.

Im just tossing out ideas.