selective mutism


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My little girl is 6 years old and has SELECTIVE MUTISM. I have tried homeopathic remedies which have really helped her develop her confidence and social behaviour but she still only talks to a few family members and one friend. Does anyone have suggestions (other than medication)?

I know nearly nothing about selective mutism, but a neighbor, in town, engages in a lot of support activities because her daughter is affected by slective mutism.

I know you are looking for homeopathic suggestions and I know very little about those too, but we are all here to offer you support.
My oldest had selective mutism and speech therapy helped a lot. I had to fight for the speech therapy because they said it wasn't one of the diagnoses that they covered. The social skills groups also helped him.
As far as homeopathic treatment, it does take time to work fully. You may just want to wait and see.
You can also look into occupational therapy, which may not seem related but those deficits affect a person's confidence in their speech.