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    OMG, that's scary!
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    Geeze....I wonder if this is a "fad" or a sign of someone trully troubled? The fact that teens are the only ones documented as doing this lead me to think it's kinda like the exfixiation thing the kids were doing. Both are very dangerous.

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    I've never heard of this before either. It's extremely frightening!!! Thanks for posting this. WFEN
  6. Fran

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    What an odd thing to do.
    If they were soldiers it would be called shrapnel.
    Makes me feel sad that someone would do this to themselves.
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    It's a new one on me as well. Very scary and very sad.
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    DITTO...What can we watch for to catch this?
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    Good Lord! Please don't EVER take me down that road...
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    I pray that none of our little wonders decide to get into this type of self harming. For some reason I can see wm trying this. Ughhh.
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    Very sad.
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    Wow, I had never heard of that! Very scary to think about!
  13. This is really scary! I can't imagine. Eeks! I hope none of us have to ever experience one of our difficult child's do this.

  14. Sheila

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    I doubt it's a "fad" either.

    It's another means of self-harm in my opinion.

    Hurts me just to think about it.
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    The scary thing is this doesn't surprise me...This is right under "branding" on my list of completely dangerous (not to mean downright stupid) practices. I've seen the whole Pencil Lead thing mentioned in the story, only I saw someone stick the lead into their gums and break it off (this was of course followed by "Why do my gums hurt so bad?")

    Sometimes, I really wonder what drives them to do this sort of thing...I've heard the old "It helps me feel something" and "It makes me feel clean" and all that jazz...And I know that it can be a cry for attention, I now find it hard to tell the difference between a genuine Suicide attempt and someone just carving themselves up for attention.

    Or is it a "Everyone around me is <cutting themselves, shoving paper clips into their arms, branding themselves, eating broken glass> so I should too" kinda thing?

    It really, really worries me, this downward spiral of people finding new and inventive ways to mame themselves...What's next?
  16. susiestar

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    The downward spiral worries me too. I am not really surprised by it. In grade school there was one boy who would stick the protractor point into the skin on his thumb or finger and waggle it around, dangling from the tip stuck under a layer of skin.

    It moved on to kids bringing pins to school and doing this. It was mostly the guys, and they thought it was "cool". I don't know if any of them ever went further, but I remember the one boy doing it with the protractor, and then several other boys also doing it.

    I am kind of afraid to ask what next.

    My kids have ALL been told that if I discover them doing this kind of thing, not only will we see the therapist more than whatever the current amount it, they will ALSO go to the pediatrician and have tetanus shots, any other shots the doctor thinks is needed, AND any medical tests the docs think is wise.

    I don't say this as a punishment, although the child will be responsible for the doctor bill, but to help my kids see that this kind of thing can be very dangerous disease wise.

    and since my oldest started cutting (Wiz has stopped as of over a year ago) I made sure to keep those alcohol prep pads around. Not obvious, but there. I also have bottles of peroxide, etc...

    The alcohol pads are more portable. They can be carried in a pocket and if the urge to cut is too strong to resist, well, at least he can clean whatever he is cutting with, the skin before he cuts and even the area after if he wants even more pain.

    I very very much do NOT want any child of mine (or anyone else's child for that matter) to cut, or embed, or whatever they do next, but if they are going to do it they can at least try to take some standard precautions.

    I know that kids sometimes cut as a group activity, at least around here. Several of them will do it together. Our YMCA stopped its teen program because the Teen leader found several teens in the locker room all cutting. They only had ONE razor blade and they were sharing it.

    That just terrifies me. Flat out. That was when I went and bought the alcohol pads. I told the kids it was for my glasses - that the pads were cheaper than the ones from the eyeglass place, but were just as effective.