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The words "thank you" in no way express my gratitude to all the people who responded to my (very first) post yesterday. Your kind words and welcoming tone really mean alot. I immediately felt a sense of calm and belonging. It was like instant relief, very liberating belonging to an entire community (albiet on-line)of people who live in the same emotional prison you do. I guess the saying rings true misery really does love company!

Today was the first day in a long time I didn't cry!!!! I actually had a pretty good day. I took my son to a birthday party and smiled alot. My difficult child was on my mind the entire time, and the sadness was there, but it was managable. At the risk of sounding completely obssesive, I found myself thinking about all of you in anticipation to get home and turn on the computer. I really believe this site is the reason for my ability to keep it together today. So I thank you and my son thanks you too. :thumb:

It really makes a difference when the words "I know how you feel" are actually true as opposed to cliche.

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You don't sound obsessive, you sound releaved. lol Like all of us when we found the board. Besides, I've been here 8 yrs next month and I rarely miss a day coming to the board, even if it's just to read cuz I don't have time to post. The people here are part of my extended family. We share the ups and downs of parenting our kids.

I'm glad today was a good day for you and difficult child. There is one plus in a life filled with gfgness....You learn to appreciate the little things. :grin:


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I'm sure every parent on this board has been where you were when you joined. For many of us, it's the only outlet we have. Our difficult children have isolated, confined our worlds to a degree that we feel as though we've been taken hostage.

Again, good to have you here. Post & vent as much as you care to - it's good for the mom's heart.


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I so remember my first day here in 99 and what a relief it was to NOT be alone will never be alone again. :smile:

Thank God you found us!!

And, oh yeah, Misery loves company!!! hehehe

And Honey, boy do we know how you feel!!!




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We joined here at a time in difficult child 3's life/education when I had run out of ideas and was feeling powerless against the bullies institutionalised in the education system.

People here gave me the confidence and empowered me to make the changes we needed to make; to stand up for my son and recognise when things simply weren't working. This site has literally changed our lives, especially difficult child 3's, for the better.

And for me to say that, when people who've known me for years reckon I can handle just about anything and fight any battle - trust me, I was helpless with difficult child 3, compared to now.

When I look back and remember how much I was making excuses for the system, when I should have never made him put up with it for so long, I just shudder.

People ask me if it's really hard work, having difficult child 3 at home and having to supervise his schoolwork and support him with it as much as I do. Trust me, it's far easier than having my life turned upside down when he went to school and I never knew when the phone call would come, to go get him. Back then my life was not my own, I might be halfway into the city to see a specialist and have to turn back because the school were stuck with a hysterical, of feverish, difficult child 3. Or I'd be heading out the door and running late, and have to stop and collect difficult child 3 on the way, so I never had any work for him to do at those times, I had no chance to cater to his needs or arrange babysitting at such late notice. My life was totally disrupted, when he was attending mainstream.

Now I know where he is and what he's doing. We can plan our lives, I can say, "Tomorrow I have to see a doctor in the city; which subject study pages do you choose to work on while we're on the road?" and he does it.

And it's people on this site who gave me the courage to set this up.

Definitely life-changing!