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    I love it when things that are used for special needs students can be used for everyone, not only for the benefits they receive, but because it can make the things that kids with special needs do seem just routine. Every child deserves individual consideration in school, not just kids on an IEP. Another example of this is classroom FM systems where speakers are placed in the classroom and the teacher (or whoever is taking a turn to talk) uses a microphone that makes the focal voice 20 dB or so higher than the background noise. School systems that implement this (not just with deaf/hh kids or kids with special needs like adhd) have seen test scores go up overall.

    How fun in Sensory Lab helps elementary students learn |
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    Makes sense that if you can manage to hear the teacher above background noise that students will learn better. Classrooms are getting larger.

    And after grandparent's day in Darrin's class.......I um......totally get what they mean by background noise. lol