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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Irishangel, Jan 29, 2012.

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    So with our move coming up, we're trying to figure out where we're going to live. a lot of the houses we LOVE have a no pet policy. Our family currently has 2 service animals, DDs and mine. The place we're at now didn't make us pay a deposit and never made any stink about it, but they are a pet friendly housing unit. husband says just not to let them know, if we move in and they say anything we sue. I'm leaning more to telling them ahead of time, but that kind of makes us a target and if they say no we can't live there, he wants to sue. See a pattern here?
    Anyone have an experience with this? I want to get it taken care of before we get there so daughter doesn't have to be put in the situation to see and hear that going on. Suggestions? Do's/Don'Tourette's Syndrome?
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    I would tell them they are service dogs and provide whatever documentation they need to prove that is their purpose. I don't know the law and I don't know if landlords can discriminate that way. They would be discriminating against you because of an accommodation for a handicap. I would also think that if you don't tell them, they could sue you for bringing in animals when you KNEW pets weren't allowed or evict you for violating the lease. Like I said, I don't know so you might need to check with a landlord/tenants rights office. We have one at our state level. You could try that for Georgia.
  3. flutterby

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    I know that guide dogs are allowed everywhere, but I'm not sure about the law on other service dogs.
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    There are not seperate laws for guide dogs v. other types of service dogs. The applicable federal law applies to all service dogs.
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    There is no documentation for service dogs. It has been debated many times at the federal level and it was determined that it would be overly burdensome to require it. Landlords may not discriminate that way.

    OP - when you tour the rental places, won't it be clear that you have a service animal as it will be with you?
  6. InsaneCdn

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    If these are seeing eye dogs, then whatever the American equivalent is of the CNIB would know the answer to this.
    If it is another type of service dog, I'd be contacting either a rental ombudsman, or some disability association with experience.

    I'm in Canada, so our local experience doesn't apply to you.
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    If we were the ones looking at it, then yes :-/ We're in KS, and my sister in law is in GA and was going to look at them for us while were still here. Us living in a hotel for more then a few days does not work. I can'the find anything that says directly that renters can not stop you if you have service animals, but the wording about what counts as a business vs. pvt rental is kind of confusing. I may just have to contact a Realtor and ask them what they think.
  8. skeeter

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    I do believe that under the ADA laws service animals cannot be prohibited.
  9. DaisyFace

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    I think there is the law and then there is "real life"...

    The law says that businesses may not prohibit service animals.

    However - businesses are not required to make special provisions for service animals either. Business are not required to provide a space for service animals to "go". Businesses may charge fees if the service animals cause normal pet damage. Businesses may ask service animals to be removed from a premises if the service animal is deemed to be a "nuisance".

    IOW - if you move into a non-pet place....and the neighbiors start complaining about your dogs - the landlord may consider your pets a nuisance. The landlord may also require you to take your dogs some distance away from the property to do their business.

    So - if I were you....I would look for "pet friendly" housing. They are out there.

    Good luck!
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    A former deaf student has been my neighbor in a pet friendly town home unit. They really wanted to live in a nearby townhome that didn't allow pets. His dog was being trained to be a "hearing assistance" dog. they researched how to train and blah blah... time went on...

    Turned out that here, all you need is a physicians note to say the animal is needed and then he had to get a little ID and vest from some organization and so now he has the tags and papers to go anywhere even though the training is not complete. They now moved to the cheaper town home (which is bigger and nicer than ours!)

    I suppose it varies to some degree by state???
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    Call up the city zoning or codes compliance dept and ask them. Assuming they say it's fine, get a copy of the paperwork and keep it with-you to show any landlord who balks.
    I am also assuming that since your dogs are truly service dogs, there is little if no barking going on, and they wear vests, so there is no need for anyone to complain.
  12. Irishangel

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    They are only training to bark when a situation arises that needs it. (daughter has a seizure at night, escapes from the house) They both wear pretty blue and pink vests (Did I mention they are both male lol). They are model pups. I emailed one realtor that said they could go to any house, but we'd be required to pay a 200$ non refundable pet deposit per animal. Me thinks, no. I'm going to contact a few more in the area and see if thats going to be a theme. If so I may just find a house on craigslist and talk to a person, not a company.
  13. TerryJ2

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    Sounds like a plan. :)