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As you know, Miss KT turns 18 on Monday. I knew this was the last month her grandmother would be making the child support payment for Useless Boy, and I understood and accepted that. I just checked the bank to see if the support had gone in. It had.

Grandma prorated the child support, paying only up to the day she turns 18.


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Um........check your local laws.......

In our situation - as long as the child CONTINUES education and the payee did not report they were done paying - the payee has to continue to pay support WHILE the child is in SCHOOL....

NOT KIDDING....DF's daughter is 28 years old...and he didn't report that she was 18 and he had stopped paying - and his daughter continued to go on to Jr. and community college - and is now getting a Masters - and he's still ordered to pay - for the years she went to Jr. and community college.

Just saying.


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As long as she lives with you, and is a full-time student, child support should (*) continue - till she is 23 or out of your home...

Then again, that's in Ohio.


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I would check to see if she did it correctly.

This site says support ends if the child gets married, dies, is emancipated, turns 18 and is not a full time high school student, or turns 19.

If that is right she may not be able to just stop the support. Also she is supposed to file with the court, not just prorate it and stop.

Everything I can find says that she cannot just stop the payments. It MUsT go through a judge to get an order to stop the payments.


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The divorce paperwork says the child support will end when she turns 18, if she is no longer in high school. I had to go through Family Support, through the DA's office, to get anything at all. This is a low priority case for them, since I am not collecting AFDC and the county doesn't get to keep the money. Plus, Grandma has until the end of August to make August's payment, no matter what the court order says, so I can't do anything until September anyway, even get clarification on the amount.

No, Grandma didn't work for the IRS, she taught high school typing and thinks she has a marvelous grasp of how the business world works. And she hates my guts. Bad. Ever since I told her I didn't want Miss KT turning out like Useless Boy (her son). Probably not the most tactful thing to say, no matter how true.