She dropped out


The group home called today. Gfgd dropped out of school and has been given a week to find somewhere else to live...they asked if she could come here....but they filled me in on what has been happening, to a certain point....

She now has snakebites....those are staple piercings at the corner of your mouth...quite large ones they said.... :nonono:

She dropped out because boyfriend did and he now lives at the salvation army...

They searched her room and found pot and she denied it was hers, supposedly the room-mate...

Refused to continue counselling, has missed curfew for weeks,won't do chores, mouths off....the list went on and on...

I said NO...he said what? I said NO again....he said why? I said I gave you my daughter to help with her depression, she was a little damaged, a little too selfish, a little too much but would have been okay if you had rules to follow and consequence for broken rules....No she cannot come home. You made my life hell, are still making my life hell...wanting to dump this huge mess back on me and wipe your hands help her or I will see you in court for endangering a minor(she is only 17)...

I have a call into my lawyer....but bottom line is with no contact for months, and when there ws it was vile and disgusting on her part, no she cannot come home....this isn't her home...

And my heart breaks all over again :sad:



Oh, Carolanne,
I am so sorry to hear all of this and how you are hurting. You did so well with the group home guy and you are so right about everything you said. Please let us know what your lawyer says.
Thinking of you,


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I agree, stick to your guns. She was not respectful to you in any way while not living home, so you can imagine what she would be like if you allowed her to come back.

Those staple piercings are disgusting. I saw them in a magazine last night and I was like, what the heck are those?????


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Sorry for your pain, but it looks like you have a good plan... I don't recall all the details of your difficult child's story, but after telling you all the things going on I can't figure out why he would even ask you WHY you don't want to take difficult child into your home....Did he even listen to himself as he was talking?

Take care of yourself, we will be thinking of you....</span>

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I'm very sorry. You've had so much trouble from that group home, it does seem to be part of the problem half the time. I feel for you very much. Thoughts and prayers going out to you.

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Oh, Carolanne, I'm sooooo sorry. I sure hope your lawyer can get something done. Good for you for telling them like it is. But I know this really hurts. :frown: