She looks and sounds like Diva, but....

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Andy, Jan 22, 2010.

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    is it really her? I am so used to the disrespecting one that even though I look for the good side and try to pull it out, I don't know that I can recognize it when it is for real.

    She offered to take difficult child to and from his 7th/8th grade school party tonight - in the rain that is turning to slush and ice. HER idea, HER plan. Did she forget this was her brother of whom she works to put down and ignore?

    When she called difficult child to pick him up early, he protested and SHE calmly agreed to give him more time. She CALMLY told me that she didn't know what to do for 1/2 hour while waiting for him. NO anger! NO frustration! She was allowing her brother to enjoy his evening.

    Then, she brings him home and is so respectful to me. I didn't really know she knew how to be. But it came out! She had received two dozen roses from her boyfriend and was asking MY ADVISE on how to prepare them for the vase, which vase to use, and where to display them. She really truely wanted to hear my opinion. She acknowledged that I may have one and an useful one at that.

    This new DIVA is so cool! If anyone sees the old disrespectful one around, give her directions in the opposite direction if she is trying to come home. I will keep this one.
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    How awesome that you got a glimpse of the woman she is becoming. Don't be discouraged if she disappears again for a while. Be happy you got to see that she really is there and with your continued patience will hopefully see more of as she blossoms over time.
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    Must be something in the air...Miss KT has been most civilized as well. Let's figure it out before these nice daughters leave!
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    You know, this is how it was when Nichole started to work so hard to change her behavior and turn herself around. For the longest time I kept waiting for the shoe to drop........Every once in a while I still look at her in amazement, especially when boyfriend is goading her and baiting her and she remains calm.

    Way To Go Diva!! I hope she keeps moving in this direction! :D