Should I or Should'nt I

difficult child had a follow up app with pediatrician doctor per his request and we were asked to try Strattera 25 mg for one week and go to 40 mg for the rest of the trial. My husband and I really don't know what to do to try or not to try that is the question :confused: Of course we are not sure that would be to easy the trial of stimulants was a horror and I know that this medication is not a stimulant. but what does the rest of you think I know ultimately it is our doing but I need guidence. difficult child is having a better time at night without medications she just can't concentrate at school and I posted about that in Special Education 101 about a week ago. husband told the doctor she was doing great then doctor asked "or is she just her normal self before the medications?" husband checked his responce and smiled /importthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Ureeka he does see his little girl for who she really is.. yes we love her, yes we would have her again if we had it to do over again, but it is our cross to bare and I guess we will see if we are up for the battle. :wink:


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Straterra is an antidepressant. If your child is prone to moodswings, it can make her worse. Since stims also made her worse, have you considered another opinion? Perhaps the doctor got it wrong. Maybe you should get her a multi-disciplanry evaluation at a children's hospital or university hospital. Is there any history of mood problems, substanc abuse or suicide attempts of either side of the family tree? Neurological disorders?


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Medications are a hard call for a parent the first time it is suggested.
If she is having trouble both socially and with learning, you have to try all the behavior modifications and the exploration of causes. No one wants to try medication until it's the only way.
My son didn't have much of a life or chance to get one without the medications. I worry daily of the long term effects but it was the only chance he had.

My son has been on strattera since the first day it was on the market. It takes a while to get an adequate level. He had some nausea and vomiting with it. He was however on mood stabilizers before he was on strattera.

Keep getting opinions and research.

PS:have you completed the Parent Survey? Thank you if you have.