Silence is golden


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The title says it all.

I no longer have anyone telling me I'm "bad" and do "bad" things when that is not my intent.

I no longer have to be afraid of a mean cut off/shun.

I no longer have to engage at all in old FOO dynamics that should have died long ago.

My true family is trustworthy and kind. And they are protective. We are protective of one another. I'm sure they will never allow "them" in again, even if there is another emergency and "they" try to get in, as if they could be of some comfort. I am grateful that my kids and hubby kept them far from me after my accident. How dare they think I would want to hear their false sorrow?

In case you're reading this are dismissed forever. You can't come back. (God, I hope she doesn't still read my stuff. It's about time to move on).

How do they treat us like dirt yet think we want to hear from them if we are sick or in pain? Why do they think they can act/say one thing and then be of comfort when something goes wrong?

They think they are too important to us and they are not rational. Is this Narcissism?

Just some random thoughts from the think tank.

It has been quite a while since I've read any words from "them" and I don't feel guilty about it. I feel good.