Slept for 14 hours

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Nov 29, 2009.

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    I woke up at 9:00 after falling asleep at 7:00 last night.

    Thursday night/Friday morning I woke up with terrible pain in my left side. It was right under my rib cage and radiated around the side to my back. I thought possibly gas but it didn't feel quite like that. I called the doctor the next day and the on call doctor said the way I described the location there was colon and spleen, and spleen was unlikely. So she told me to take ducolax and see if that helped. I was in terrible pain and took a couple tramodol that my mom had. I had already taken enough advil and it wasn't working. Then yesterday I woke up, went potty (several times) and felt horrible from having taking those medications I guess. I pushed myself through the day. The pain on my left side susided but still there. Going potty didn't relieve it. It feels like something twisted. So I'm in a daze this morning after sleeping so long. I guess I will go see the doctor tomorrow if the pain is still there.
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    Scary, I hope the pain subsides on it's own. But still wouldn't hurt to check it out.
    I hope it is minor.
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    You've been talking about being so tired lately. Have you ever had mono? Do you think you could have it now? Mono can cause enlargement of the spleen.

    When I had mono a few years ago, it felt like my ribs were sitting on top of something. It wasn't as painful as what you're experiencing, but it was definitely uncomfortable. It lasted for several months. I now know that it was my spleen - or docs best guess since I had mono then.
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    Definitely get into the doctor or an urgent care asap. Anything that causes pain to that degree needs immediate attetion in my opinion. I'd try to find a place that's open today if you possibly can. Hope you get some answers and some relief quickly!
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    ML, I agree with everyone else -- go see a doctor!

    I hope you find out what's going on and feel better soon!