Small things can mean so much

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Gaia, Dec 7, 2007.

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    I know all of you will understand and share in my joy.

    Yesterday, Eric got off the school bus and had his coat, hat and gloves on!! When I asked him if someone helped him with the hat and gloves, his answer was the bus. The bus? "Yeah, I put them on myself on the bus" with a 'well-duh, Mom' kind of voice. :laugh: I asked him if his teacher helped him with his coat. He said NO! I did it myself in school. IN SCHOOL!! He put his coat on by himself in school!!!

    Thank you for letting me share this with you.
  2. SRL

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    Oh, trust me I understand!!! Those little things are HUGE around here.

    My kiddo is in 5th grade and hasn't worn a winter coat since kindergarten. I don't care that he just wants to wear layers of sweatshirts and fleece, but on really cold days it's never seemed warm enough.

    Wonder of wonders, last year we were in a sporting goods shop and he called me over, pointed at a men's winter jacket and said "THIS is what I want." I tracked it down in kid's sizes a few weeks ago--it's a neoprene kind of feel for the outer shell and I got the heavy fleece to wear under that. Cost an arm and a leg but he's gone 5 years without wearing a winter coat and it's been well worth it since it hasn't caused him a single problem.

    Here's the coat--in case anyone's interested: Child=60U,84F,002,128

    Enjoy the success, they mean a lot!
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    WOOHOO! It's absolutely the little things.

    My son has behavior charts at school...and I commented to his teacher on a particularly good day (WOOT!) that "Most parents expect this type of behavior from their children, in our household, we have PARTIES for htis stuff!"

    Anyway, I totally know what you're saying. Way To Go!!!!
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    lol I so know what you mean! I am still waiting for the day for my son to bring home his lunch box every day or have his jacket on with gloves and hat. Those are all usually in his backpack. Except for the lunch box, that usually disapears for the week. I have to ask him everyday can you please bring your lunch box home. Everyday he forgets. Usually its on Fridays that he somehow Congrats on the success!