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Things are still going really great here. She is still loving her job and her life. :) She has been asked to lead a step class with her Celebrate Recovery group! I swear, as time goes on she just gets better and better. Having conversations with her now is amazing. I just smile at her clear thinking and maturity. I still have to pinch myself when I think of how she used to be and how she is now. She is even friends with her ex-probation officer on Facebook! Who would have thought?? LOL

Sperm donor has contacted her. Thankfully, she sees right through everything now and does not want him in Connor's life. Everything I have tried to tell her about this man that she would never listen to, she is finally seeing on her own. His letters and conversations are all about HIM. He never asks anything about Connor. I am sorry, but if I had a son I never met, I would be asking every question I could possibly think of so I could imagine him and what he is like. HE would be the most important subject of the letters. Yesterday she received a letter from him saying that he was still in love with her and wanted to be a "family" when he got out of prison, etc. She read it to me and said NO WAY. She thinks he is utterly And oddly enough, or not oddly lol, his other baby momma got a letter, too. Little does he know she and M talk now. She is in the same place in life as M and they are actually getting to become friends. They plan on getting the boys together this weekend which I think will be really nice for Connor. He should know his half brother.

Here is the REALLY cool thing happening in her life right now. When she was in the ministry, a group of people came to preach at their church one evening. One of them was a young man that all of the women were going gaga about. She said when she seen him, something told her that he was going to be her husband one day. (The same happened to me when I met husband and I was right). But she admitted she didn't know if it was just her flesh talking and said if it was meant to be, they would cross paths again one day. Well, shortly after creating her Facebook page after graduation, he appeared as someone she may know (those of you who know Facebook know what I am talking about). They had no mutual friends. She has no idea why he showed up there. There wasn't even a picture of him as his profile but she clicked on it and found that it was him! She friend requested him and they became "friends". They have been talking EVERY single day since. Not "talking" in the literal sense - via texting. It has been a couple of months now and they have developed this relationship just through talking. I have watched this relationship bloom and it has been pretty special. She reads me everything and I love what he has to say to her. I can't wait to meet him. I know, it is kind of weird, but they are getting to really know each other in a deeper way. They will FINALLY have their first date coming up!! He bought tickets to the Fox Theatre here in Atlanta to see Yanni. He will come pick her up at the house and take her out on a real date. She is so excited and I am excited for her! So, we will see where this ends up but I think it is pretty amazing how it has been progressing so far. She is at the place in life where she is looking forward to being married and settled down.

She told husband and I the other night that she wants to adopt a child one day. husband got really choked up and said that would be full circle. He was adopted and he adopted her. The fact that she wants to do the same makes him so proud. And their relationship now - WOW. They have never, ever gotten along so well. While husband wasn't exactly thrilled about them moving back home, and it was an adjustment at first, he is really happy now. Every day when he comes home from work Connor goes running to him with this big smile on his face and husband's heart melts. I think husband is enjoying this family time that we finally have now, too.

So, still so far so good...don't lose hope - ever!!


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I love this update and so happy for you that your daughter via ministry has met a Godly man. My Difficult Child loves the Lord, reads his Bible, went to Bible studies weekly and preached on the street to homeless folks. Then he met crack whore and fell away in a death spiral. He is now away from her- and back to reading his Bible. The Lord gifted him in being able to approach people from all walks of life and just talk to people, not even sometimes about the Lord, but just talking to folks.

A person shows up in face book as someone you may know either because of other friends that know this person OR if a person searches for your face book, face book adds this person as someone you may know.

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So nice PG to read such wonderful news and positive progress.
Prayers for continued blessings.
Thank you so very much for sharing this sunshine!


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I have a secret!!!!! :)

We will call him JS (the one M has been talking to). JS reached out to me on Facebook today. He wants to send her roses on Saturday for Valentines Day and needed our address. Oh my gosh!!! She has never had flowers delivered to her - EVER!! She is going to be so amazingly happy I can't stand it. I am grinning ear to ear right now. He thanked me for giving the world my daughter. He said she is truly a blessing to know. Oh I hope this is the real deal because I have loved everything this man has to say and he seems so genuine. They have been falling in love being modern day pen pals. It is so romantic! How wild would it be if she became a preacher's wife?? WOW...