Smoking, while doing other things...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Old-hand, Feb 19, 2018.

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    I agree, the smell is awful. Also hate seeing people with yellow fingers, or men with yellow mustaches.

    I see no upside to smoking wither, but talking about topics such as these makes for interesting conversation. :)
  2. Pink Elephant

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    I couldn't eat after someone that was smoking while preparing food. That is just so not right.

    Also, smoking around others while they're eating, especially those that don't smoke. Hated that as a kid so bad.

    Sometimes I wish I had never started, because that way my oldest daughter possibly wouldn't have started. I've always blamed myself for that.

    So glad your mom backed you and your brother up to not allow your aunt to smoke in your personal space.

    When I was really young, mom would give us kids her empty cigarette packages so we could play house. I remember pretending to pull a cigarette out of the empty pack and light it. Candy cigarettes made us feel like we were really smoking, but that was the era back then, everyone smoked.
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    Not everyone smoked. I am 64. It is possible that I your neck of the woods had mostly smokers. A lot of my peers didn't smoke. It was certainly more prevalent then. Fortunately it has ceased to be so socially cool for most. It's dangerous. Now vaping is also getting health warnings. Bet we will find pot smoke is dangerous too. Smoke doesn't do good things to our bodies. Or those who live in homes where there is smoke from smokers even when they aren't smoking. It's unhealthy and it smells bad. My husband has noticed this only since quitting!!
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    I beg to differ with you, SOT. MOST everyone smoked back in the 60's. Those that didn't smoke were the rarity.
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    Old Hand, I have no doubt where you were at they did but, out of curiousity, I just googled smoking percentage in 1960s. Because I know that in my area there were smokers and non smokers. Not everyone smoked. 46 per cent did, way more than now but not everyone!
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    I'm not here to argue with anyone, SOT, but look at any picture from back in the 50's, 60's, even 70's, or talk to any family from back in that era, and you're sure to find a smoker, and while 46% may be what records indicate as far as a percentage goes, I don't believe that figure for a minute.
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    I'm not arguing either. We lived very different types of areas, which matters a lot, and I think the statistic is about right.

    Agree to respect and disagree.
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    My parents were smokers.
    Especially back in the day, it seems people smoked everywhere.
    My mother never smoked while she cooked, but immediately when she finished.
    Two things I noticevfrom photos decades ago...people were more slender and people often had cigarettes in their hands. But even non smokers seemed more slender.

    Mom quit the very day she was diagnosed with cancer.
    She died of lung cancer at age 49.
    My father cut his smoking back by half immediately after her death and I think quit altogether perhaps a year later.
    He too died of cancer, but he was 79 and it is hard to say if it was related to smoking. Unsure.
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    How heartbreaking loosing your mom at such a young age. Haunts me just thinking about it.

    You're right, people were more slender back in the day. People have become much too heavy today, hence all of the health woes that plague society so chronically nowadays. Also, people don't work anywhere near as hard today, as they did back then, and our food has become much more unhealthy.