Sneakiness, round II


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I'm so angry right now. I just sent her out to ride her bike but told her she's not allowed to leave the yard.

She's been told several times that she's not allowed to eat in the basement anymore, because she's a slob. There are crumbs everywhere. The other day, without my knowing, she snuck peanuts down there and spilled them everywhere. The dog got to them, but I don't want bugs. I lived in an very, very old house growing up and we frequently had issues with mice. I don't want that here. The thought just completely skeeves me! :ill:

She just went downstairs and snuck a bag of popcorn. I caught her before she opened it. Soooooooooooo, now I have taken ALL of the extra cool snacks out of the basement, which stinks, because I don't have anywhere else to keep them. I put them in a garbage bag and now they are in my bedroom.

I HATE SNEAKINESS!!!!!!!!!! :nonono: It's just as bad as lying as far as I am concerned.

Sheesh, she was doing so well and now this crap is starting! I just don't have the energy for this kid.


I'm sorry. It drove me crazy, too. difficult child 1 was the master.

He would not only sneak to eat, he'd sneak and hoard, too. My mom found soda's and snacks stashed IN their grandfather clock. Plus, he'd eat the whole pcakage of anything. Actually, still will. I keep "goodies" in the trunk of the car or locked in my truck box. Cereal goes in rubbermaid cereal containers in the bottom of my clothes hamper. LOL So far he hasn't dug thru my dirty undies to find anything. So far. difficult child 2, at the ripe old age of 4, has started putting his snacks in his dresser so that big brother won't eat them all while we're not there.

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I agree, sneaking is just a form of lying, its absolutely no different, and it drives me CRAZY.

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I know the sneakiness is driving you crazy. I remember one time when difficult child was little and snuck a jar of peanut butter to bed. When he came out in the morning he was covered head to toe-yuck!


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It stinks when you can't trust them. She's still young, though, so if you're persistent, I think she'll learn. That probably doesn't make you feel better right now.

Dylan used to raid the cupboards something awful. He'd get up at 5 AM, before everyone else, and eat. We just stopped buying it all - ALL of it.

We still hide SO's snacks for work, because I fear he'll get into them. He's been pretty good about keeping his hands off lately, but it took a while for him to learn, too.




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Why not get her to clean the basement, next time you find food scraps there? It's not so much punishment as consequences. If I'm eating in a part of the house where we don't normally allow food and I spill it, I have to clean it up myself for the same reasons you gave. So why should I be punished if it's not me doing it, but one of my kids? My kid might say, "Don't worry, I'll be careful," but accidents and spills do happen. The person causing the mess should clean up the mess.

And the kid with peanut butter in bed - easy child did that once. Only it wasn't peanut butter she was covered in - REALLY yuck!