So how do you know when


You've completely lost it?

I've been sick, and I'm beginning to wonder if its stress. The busses didn't run again today, I had to take difficult child 2 to school and got to work at 8:50, and had a little "counseling session" about being "late". This one might have been productive, as they're backing off and letting me make up these 15-20 minutes as I need to, but I couldn't get to work this morning BEFORE the counseling session without bawling. And I've been bawling all day, just as soon as I'm alone.
Have I completely lost it???


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I went through a crying phase recently and have had trouble sleeping. My doctor prescribed Lozapram (sp?) which is an anti-anxiety drug to help me sleep.

Can you take some time for yourself and get some rest? My husband recently gave me a Saturday to myself and this helped. Hugs to you and please know that you will get through this.....

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We've just been studying this in my human diseases class. And the experts say yes! And overload of stress can make you sick.

Is there anyway you can get a break? Even if it is just for an hour or so each day? Or one day a week? Time alone to enjoy a favorite activity, or just to enjoy peace and quiet.

My kids were always in bed alseep by 7:30pm. Clear up til high school. From their bedtime til I went to sleep was MY time. Living with difficult children I needed that time to wind down and get ready to rest. And I'm back to doing this now that I'm in school, unless I have a huge test. It helps tons.

Hang in there


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Shari, sounds like your stress level has hit maximum overload. The difficult child factor affecting your job is difficult at best; devastating in many cases.

Is there a way you can take a long weekend away - ALONE? You need a break.

If not, go to the doctor & ask for something for your depression/anxiety.

How about respite resources? Can husband handle the kids while you head across town for a night in a motel?

You need to rebuild you - your difficult children are a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself.

For me, I had completely shut down. I could no longer keep track of things, was losing sleep, couldn't remember names or my way home from work. I could tell that family stressors were taking a huge toll on me.

I'm on a new antidepressant & a new anti anxiety medications along with weekly therapy. It's helped. It's also helped that I'm currently unemployed & can pace myself to keep up with the demands of the tweedles & still have time for myself.

Just throwing some ideas out your way.


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It's time to start taking care of you. You've always struck me as an incredibly strong and capable woman. But even strong and capable women can begin to crack under the pressure you have been facing. Call your doctor.


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Shari, if your age on your profile is current this probably doesn't pertain to you but when I started into perimenopause without knowing it, my emotions were all over the place.

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I'm with the others. You need to take care of you. It definitely sounds like you are on a stress overload. Hugs. :smile:


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Sorry your plate is so overloaded. I get like that as well when things kinda fall apart no matter how hard I worked to keep it all going, like what you have experienced at work. People don't seem to see how hard you have tried and they misjudge you. I'm glad you had a talk at work and they got to see the bigger picture, they should be glad to have a warrior mom like you because you understand so well how to work under bad conditions and multi task with the best of them. Hope things can slow down a little. I agree you need to take time for you and do whatever is neccesary to keep you healthy in mind, body and spirit.

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{{Shari}} Reach out to your DR or psychiatrist. Get the support and care you need. You could simply be burnt out and need some respite or it may be something else. Many gentle hugs, take care of you.
I really don't have anything to add to the great advice the others have already given you. I just want you to know that I understand what you're going through... There is absolutely nothing that can prepare us for life with difficult children!!! It really is a living h-ll at times!!!

Star wrote a really good post about how necessary it is to take care of ourselves. I think she posted it a few days ago... Anyway, if you haven't already read it, it really is worth reading.

Please take care of yourself. You need to do whatever is necessary in order for you to feel better. Hugs WFEN


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I recently went through something like this. Even though I am a stay at home mom, I am alone a week or so at a time and I was starting to have insomnia and crying and just didn't feel quite right... I knew things were stressful but I finally had to admit to myself that my difficult child side was emerging once again... anxiety was getting worse etc. So I went to my family doctor and I am so glad I did!!! It has been almost 2 months now I just upped my Zoloft to 75mg a day. So far it seems to be helping me. I can sleep, I only cry under "normal" circumstances now and I feel like I can deal with most of this bs... so much less stressed out.

Good luck I think most of us can relate, even if you just get some time to yourself or go talk to someone it helps.