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I pop in from time to time and read but I don't post much either. I'm at work 12 hrs a day 4 days out of the week and the other 3 I'm either trying to get done everything that needs to be done around here or attempting to rejuvenate for the week ahead.

The job I loved so not very long ago has become utter chaos with the new owners. They're making everyone miserable, and for what we get paid and with an already 300 percent turnover rate that is just none too bright. I am toying with the idea of applying at a local bacon company. BACON omg The pay is ridiculously better and it is a permanent position from the very beginning. Only pitfall is that it is even further away than where I work now. So I'm still considering.

easy child is dropping back to an RN support position in June in order to be more of a stay at home mom. Since her husband got a supervisor position that makes a really good salary, income isn't much of an issue.

Nichole got a job as a housekeeper in a rehab facility. She works in the Alzheimer's unit and was surprised to discover that she loves the job and the residents she works with. It sux that she actually makes more money than I do. I'd get on there but it is much too far away to consider. lol

Darrin, Aubrey, and Brandon will all be home schooled next year.

Kayla is copping an unacceptable teen attitude of late.......and some of that is a bit too much entitlement. Nana has countered. The school here offers a trip to Washington Difficult Child in the 8th grade. It's not cheap, but when you pay your fee you're paying for everything, including their spending money. I discussed with Katie tonight that IF Kayla can get all of her grades no lower than a B and stay on the honor roll all year (trip is at the end of the year) that I will do my utter best to pay for her trip. However, I'm no softie. I have to see each and every report card. One C and the deal is off. It may sound like I'm asking a lot but in our sd all a kid has to do to get A's and B's is put forth the effort. Which is not what she has been doing.

Connor and Oliver will enter pre-school in the fall. Dear God in Heaven where does the time go?????

And true to form..........if either Katie or M do not get a job within the very near future, they will loose their HUD apartment. *sigh* No one wants to hire him and she's been sitting on her rear for months waiting on him to get a job. geez She will never learn.

I'm glad you like your little place. Enjoy every moment. :)



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So many things sound promising!

UAN, do you have Head Start where you live? If so, check in and see if you can get him into their early program. He would most likely qualify due to his speech issues. They can take them as young as infants if they have any delays. Nookie just started speaking in leaps and bounds not long ago. She did babble and we could understand some things but she refused to call me Grandma until about a month and a half ago when she finally just copied her older sister. Even so they are putting her in speech because she has trouble with some letters. The kids took my advice and got her in a very good day care center.

I wish everyone would take my advice and let me home school Monkey. I think she would do so much better. We have access to that K12 program which is free and I just think she would have a much easier time. She is really good on my computer and she doesnt have access to the internet where she lives now. Now of course she wants to live with me and do this because she thinks I would be a much easier push She is so wrong. She found out this weekend that I am starting to expect her to be a big girl and do things to help grandma. She is beginning to understand that I am not well and I need help from time to time. I had a bad day on Saturday and I insisted that she help me clean my kitchen. After she insisted she had no idea how she did a very good job of At almost 8 she is well old enough. She earns a pretty nice allowance when she is here if she helps out.

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UAN you can also try sign language to get him help him make the connection and give him a means to communicate his needs. I noticed Aubrey was not talking too. The nearer to age two she got the more frustrated she became and the tantrums that resulted were awful. I decided we needed to try sign language. I started teaching her some basic signs. I always spoke the word for the sign I used......and I always used it in context. It truly didn't take long for her to catch on. She used signs for quite a while..........then one day boom! she started talking.......and has talked a mile a minute every since. lol I'm not so sure she would've have caught on to verbal communication until a much later time without it. It was just not clicking for her. Signing gave her a way to communicate her needs / wants that was still a way of talking. It ended the tantrums and helped it click for her. I used it with Connor too. He never did the signs......but it also helped verbal language click when it wasn't making sense to him. With him it was a way of showing him the physical relationship between his wants / needs and words. Know what I mean??

Janet K12 is a public school, which is why it is free. Aubrey will be attending ECOT, the online public school her mother graduated from when Aubrey was a toddler. ECOT is also a public school and is free. They provide the computer, printer, internet access for free. Using their computer is required as it has safeguards programmed on it to block the children from access to the internet except for school related themes. K12 may provide the same thing.


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Today was Kiddo's guardianship hearing. Our pro bono lawyer was awesome - connections all over the place, so he was able to get us in early (else it would have been a lot longer waiting, we're a bit far down the alphabet) and it was pretty obvious he'd encouraged the Judge to read all the relevent data in the file, it was signed off, DEX and I raised our right hands and swore that we would be good Guardians (and I cried a little, I've been sad for about a week now) and so it was done.

Doing construction, roofing, cabinetry, lost all 25 of my lovely cucumber starts to frost and serious windstorm, other plants are doing ok. We have four goslings that at a month or so of age now have free run of the fenced portion and being loads of fun. No idea where Kiddo is on the group home placement waiting list. I'm tired and ready to just curl up and cry myself to sleep. Just one of those weeks.


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It's been a while. I can't remember the last time I posted, so...

easy child married his high school sweetheart. She's so good for him. She graduated from college last year, and is preparing for grad school. She took a class last summer to bring up her GPA, and her older sister died of an overdose last fall, so she put grad school on hold. Too much stress.

difficult child is 19 (can you believe it??) *finally* doing well. We are 2 months out of a 7 month crisis, but we finally have the right medications and I haven't seen her like this since years before I joined the board. She still has a long way to go, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

February of last year, difficult child and I moved to my hometown - an hour from where we were. Cost of living is much lower, which is why we made the move. I moved here kicking and screaming and spent the first several months hating it more everyday, especially going from a house to a townhouse, but I have gotten involved with a charity group and we are working on achieving non-profit status. It's a poverty-stricken area (which is why the cost of living is so low), and there is so much need and not enough resources. on the other hand, I have been flaring pretty much non-stop and I'm pretty sick of it. We still go to the city at least once a week for difficult child's therapy - this week it's 3 times a week with other appts because I can't find doctors here that I like.

I've been diagnosis'd with PTSD which makes a whole lot of sense and have been doing Trauma Based CBT. It's helping.

Janet, I happen to have a reborn doll if you are interested. He's a little Native American boy named Raven. I would just need you to pay for shipping and I would pack him up nice. I can send pics if you want.


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Oh is sooooooo sooooo good to see you! I have changed phones. Actually I lost my cell phone due to not being able to afford them so I lost your number. I have missed you bunches.

I think I knew easy child married his sweetie but I didnt know she had already graduated college. Wow, Way To Go to her. Impressive! So sad about her sister. Hate to admit this but that could happen here and you just need to read between the lines on that.

Im also thrilled to hear about Winter. I hope this upturn continues for her and she thrives. It is hard to believe she is 19! Of course, can you believe my oldest granddaughter will be 8 in a few days???? Time does fly.

About the doll...omg...if you would do that for her you would literally save my bacon. I have been frantically trying to sell everything in my home online to make enough to get one on ebay for her and it doesnt look like I will make it in time. Do you have a PayPal account? If not, message me your address and I will send you shipping money. I can send it this Friday when Tony gets paid. He was out of work for almost a month and it put us in a real bind.

Im sorry you are still hurting so bad. Same thing here. Im getting a lot worse now and I am going to beg my doctor for the hoveround. I can hardly walk from my house to the car without intense pain and I have to sit on a stool to do dishes or cook dinner. Its absurd. Im gonna try to stop smoking because I will have to if I want to have any operations and I think its probably time for me to do both the knees and do the gastric bypass operation. Im just having a hard time talking myself into it.

I think you probably have my email me sometime and tell me all about this home town. I dont think I remember where it is. I cant imagine you in a town house because of the stairs!


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I totally get it about being of few Most of the time, so am I these days.

I actually figured he was an Ashton Drake when I couldnt find any kit for a reborn named Raven. This is also the one I figured it was! It is absolutely adorable and looks somewhat like her little sister when she was a tiny baby. At least as dark!


I did the move on the 9th. Our stuff is still in storage in CO... House has taken ALOT of cleaning, ALOT of trips to the dump but basic utilities are on and we are slowly wading through the financial difficulty. We are broke right now but so far nothing is behind. Had a couple running with my mother. Suddenly the woman who didn't give a damn if she lived or died or the condition of the house now wants to have complaints, not that her bills are paid and the house is habitable again.... Just -sigh- same koi different day...
But kids are good me Lewis needs a peds appointment so he can get his referral to the electo cardiologist... The doctor who deals with heart arythmia. But he's very smart and doing fine and my kids are loving have a yard and a bit more space in the house and I'm living the hot tub. My husband calls me daily and normally it ends up with us fighting. He told me he was seeing things again but refuses to go to the doctor and emotionally berates me when I tell him I think he needs help. He's deploying in February. Which was a big surprise. I'm concerned but there is nothing I can do.

My ex is still here, staying with me and the kids at my mom's and continues to be wonderful, none of this would have been possible without him. I don't really know where things are going from here. And I know I seem a lot like a difficult child right now jumping from one situation to the next and just hoping for the best. But things will get better I will start school and hopefully get a little job soon and have my own back up plan and money... And can easily manage the bills here at that point by myself if need be. But I enjoy him being here and the kids love not having to be shuttled from one place to the other.

Sounds a lot like I'm deluding myself but I'm not getting hit or called names, and I miss him when he isn't here. Take that for what you will. I guess it will play out the way it does.

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Contact his command about what he is saying! Dear God all the Army needs is another loose cannon going off and hurting themselves or someone else.

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Hi, I have missed everyone here. Haven't been in a good mood in about lets say since November, when my difficult child returned from her Aunts house in California. Her aunt said she didnt have the patience. She came back November 5th. Very rough time with daughter, she ended up going to a party and was sexually assaulted, I dont know why but the R word is too hard for me to associate with my baby girl. She's confused and now claims she is bi-sexual. She has been hospitalized three times since she's been home, goes to a special partial in-patient program for kids who are having issues. Now she has a girlfriend and is making tie dye shirts obsessively. This last hospitalization, they really worked wonders, the mood stabilizer they gave her has changed her. My eldest daughter came home from a caribbean vacation and gave me some kind of viral infection, my youngest took care of me, it was a wicked week. I've decided that since my family disowned me because of raciscm, that I cannot have anything to do with that. I will always love and accept my kids for who they are. It's become a little easier. difficult child smokes at soon to be 16, not doing any more weed or drinking. So yeah, im enjoying every day that I get with her healthy. ELdest has one more semester to go in college and has decided she wants to enlist in the Air-force. She said she will not find a job that will support the way she wants to live. Meaning she wants to travel. My father passed away from Parkinson's December 16th. I hadn't seen him for awhile, but we had talked. Everyday, I feel I should still be able to call him. It's going to be six months soon, and still doesnt seem real that he can't answer that darn phone. I am having gastric bypass surgery (lap band) in July sometime. Sick of being fat. lol, just havent been able to conquer that. WOw, i read all that negative stuff and started to think of something great that has also happened since I was on the board more regularly and I went blank. One good think is my Dad's youngest brother John, is in my life now, he and his wife are both wonderful people. He's not my dad, but he's the greatest Uncle.