So how's it going everyone? Join in!


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I know I havent been as visible in the last couple of months but here I am now! I have missed "talking" to all ya'll.

So just to update on me, we have been in this new rental house for the last 2 months full time. I love being away from everyone! I really like this little place...well all but one thing. This house is built on a flat slab of concrete and it is killing my legs and back. Our bills are much lower with it only being Tony and me living here. I am having a blast being able to pretty much take care of everything. I am not perfect at it because I leave the sweeping and mopping to Tony but I do most everything else.

Unfortunately my health is getting so much worse. Like I said before my legs and back are horrible. I can hardly walk now. I am sure that when I see my ortho he will want to do something. On my left knee I have developed what looks like peaks and valley's. It is so sore. Really my pain medications arent even touching it anymore. This keeps me at home most of the time and if I do have to go out, I cant go in any store that doesnt have one of those handicapped carts. That is getting on my last nerve. Its also really hard to stand up to do all the assorted housework. Im getting good at doing dishes while sitting on a bar stool. That isnt the neatest way to do things but oh well. I dont like having to use the stool while cooking but I have to.

Tony has been on and off work for the past month so funds have been tighter here. I am trying desperately to sell all I can on eBay because Monkey's birthday is coming up and she has her heart set on one of those reborn baby dolls. She has this deep interest in all things baby. Tony caught her looking up "babies" on youtube! LOL. I would rather get her a fake one!

So, what have you been up to????? Huh?


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The school year's winding down, and I've been working nearly every day. I'm planning to start yoga this summer, as I need to stretch and strengthen my muscles. I am so out of shape it isn't funny. I found a site online that sends a 30 minute daily video for beginners, so I have them all ready to start. Hubby is fine, been working a lot of overtime.

Miss KT is doing really well; she just got a promotion at work. She and her hubby are still going strong after a year. Son #1 has been in and out of work; he's an electrician and union jobs have been iffy. Son #2 just changed jobs and seems to be enjoying the new challenge. The grands are good; even though we don't see them very often (though they're just across town) I keep up by what their mom posts on FB.

I don't post much anymore since we have an empty nest (and I love it!), but I check in frequently to keep up with everyone.


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Soccer, soccer, and more soccer, my grandson plays club ball and is awesome. I spend the week working and the weekends with my daughter and the grands.


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My face-to-face school year is winding down . . . 13 more days!! The online classes that I teach end this week so I will have more free time soon (well, until online summer school starts in June).

My difficult child is in a halfway house/IOP program and they are great. We direct all of her requests back to them so she can't use manipulation any more. It is driving her crazy. LOL

We probably aren't going anywhere this summer because we a planning a big trip next summer. We are planning a trip/cruise to Europe next summer with very close friends.

I am just looking forward to sleeping late.



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I have had a busy winter with work and PhD program. Latter will luckily keep me less busy during the summer. Well, if summer comes, we were well onto our way to early spring (small leaves on birches already and all that) but today we have had few inches of fresh snow. But again, we seldom have snow at midsummer, so I put my faith to that.

New summer interns at work make work more busy. Have to get them trained before all of us desert the place for our summer vacations and leave the place to them to run. I'm even more busy with that because I only have two more weeks to train my intern before I will have my bone tumour operation and will have bit sick leave. If he messes things up, I will have lousy late June to sort that our before heading to vacation. Luckily he seems like a smart chap.

I have had some success in getting husband and easy child out of my hair about the whole tumour thing recently. It help that I went total witch on them. Trying to be nice about it kept them hovering and annoying me endlessly, and snipping difficult child on the side.

difficult child is currently in up-swing after his cold bath in January. At least no more even half-arsed suicide attempts and also signs of depression he was showing quite strongly around Christmas have mostly vanished. If one wouldn't know better, one could think he is quite okay. Is more social than maybe ever and has a new girlfriend. Job situation is still unclear and one option hinges on mediation process we have a first meeting this Thursday.

easy child continues to be a joy. Most of the time. When he isn't too much like his dad or when he doesn't remember to be a teen boy ;)

husband I have been ready to strangle quite a few times during this spring. Both because of all things difficult child but also because of how he reacted my tumour thing. Turning total witch on him seems to have helped a bit. He actually seems to listen to me again at least at times instead of just knowing everything better for me.


Finished packing the pod, staying in a hotel before we leave next week. Praying money works out and we get there safely. Children driving me nuts. Gavin just got back from his stay at hubs.
TK is still TK, gets emotionally wound up, so easily. Her and boyo bicker constantly. She needs a bit of space, and I'm hoping after the move she finds a way to get it.

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So great to catch up with you guys.

KT Mom, it seems incredible that KT is so all grown up now. I am glad that you are getting to enjoy the empty nest. That is a concept that didnt seem to get passed on to my boys...I had to move out away from them to get even a little bit of empty

Pas...dont you just love sports??? One of my favorite memories of my boys was when I watched them play organized sports.

Kathy, wow your school is almost over already?!? Im not sure when ours gets out. I assume June. Europe? Wow. That sounds amazing.

Suzir, I am so glad things seem to be on an even keel for you right now. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Dixie, boy I know about having kids bickering with one and other. Hopefully once this move gets over with you will have an easier time.


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Janet, this is a trip that husband and I have been dreaming about for a long time. When our friends asked us recently if we were interested in going with them next summer we jumped at the chance. I went to France and Luxemburg when I was in high school on a band trip. I gave up a chance to see the Louvre to spend time with a boy I met from Holland. Oh, the stupidity of youth.

The only time that husband has been to Europe was on a business trip when he spent exactly two days in Paris at all day business meetings and didn't get to see any of the city.

He was supposed to go to London right before 9/11 and I was going to go with him and then the terrorists took down the twin towers and all of the business trips were cancelled for a while and we never got to go.

I am very excited. We are in the planning stages right now. There is so much that I want to see and obviously there is a limited amount of time.

If anyone has any ideas . . . let me know.



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I went to Rome when I was 15. I went with the Latin It was a great experience but I was a stupid kid back then too. A boy and I sneaked away from our little group and got lost in the new part of Rome. We were staying in the old part. It was quite a trip!


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I want to go to Europe too! I'm going to Honduras in February 2015 for a mission trip (I have been there twice before and once to El Salvador). I have always wanted to tour Europe though - Italy, Greece, France.

I read every day but I don't post much. difficult child has good days and bad days. easy child decided that she doesn't want to talk to us at all anymore (she says we emotionally abused her in high school - we didn't). She decided not to talk to us exactly 3 days after we sent her $350 to help her out with bills. husband caved and sent her more money for her birthday but I am standing firm that we are not sending more money to someone who says we abused her - when we absolutely did not. She cannot even give examples of said abuse.

easy child is 20, difficult child is 18 - he'll be in post-high school vocational rehab until he is 21. I think difficult child was only about 10-12 when I first came here - it seems like all our kiddos are growing up.

husband and I are doing good. Not much else to update - life just seems to roll along.


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*waves* I'm around... I don't post a lot because things are relatively quiet on the western front. Had Pat's IEP today and it is the first time he did not end up in tears - he GOT that we're trying to HELP not yell at him! Having a fantastic sped helps.

Rose is growing so fast... Talking a mile a minute, independent as all get out, and opinionated. Her newest words are "ouside" and "moofie" (we watched Frozen last weekend, and she ADORES the back yard).

husband is out of work again - the 3-month contract he was in ended - but something changed, not sure what, and he has really been doing a lot around the house! My front and back yards look a lot better, we have new laminate in the kitchen and dining room, and it's just been awesome.

Belle... Is still in prison... But I hope things will change for her, too.


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I am still surviving. I am counting down the weeks till my summer vacation. Eight weeks till my last day here and the kids have another six weeks till the last day of school. I am as burnt out as ever at my job. I am ever so grateful for my time off each year. I am also counting down the days till I retire. I can retire at the age of 5o and that's in 8 more years. I think I can hang in for that much longer. easy child is doing better after his gallbladder surgery. He still has some phantom pain on and off but nothing to the degree that it was before. His grades, which took a nosedive right after the surgery, are finally starting to come up. difficult child is doing phenomenal. Her attendance at school has improved dramatically. She has been to school every single day for the last six weeks, which is record breaking for her. All of her teachers report she is doing well and works hard. All in all I can't complain. Life has been treating us all pretty good these days. I'll be even happier once summer comes along!


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Things are quiet here, too, but I still read. :)

Marina works 5 nights a week - weekends are normally double shifts. She is just about all paid up on probation costs, fines, etc so looks like she will be released in July. She is a poster child for

It is getting to be a bit much on me working my job and babysitting every night. After her court stuff is paid off, she is going to save for a car. husband has a friend that runs a staffing agency that is going to place her once she gets a job. Connor will attend daycare and I will have a life and marriage again. :)

My son is just growing up! He is never home But I am glad he is hanging out with friends.

Connor is growing like a weed! He turned 8 months on Sunday! He is getting brave and letting go of things while standing. I don't think it will be long before he is walking.

So, life is good. Hectic, but good. :)

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It is so good to hear from all of you...let me tell ya, letters for sore

PG, daycare will probably be a great thing for the lil guy. Nookie started into daycare about 2 weeks ago and she is doing so much better than I would have dreamed. She wont be 3 until the last week of September and she can already point out her name when she sees it written! Oh and she knows all her colors too. Im right proud of her. She must have inherited her intelligence from me because her parents are idiots...:wink-new:


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Hey ya'll. I still read as well, just don't post as well.

I'm busy. I am finishing up my 27th year of teaching. Next year, I will retire, but I plan on entering a program that will allow me to work an additional three years at full contract and all my retirement is banked and collects interest. After that, I'm not sure what I will do.

All the children are doing well. PCdaughter is married to a great guy. She just finished her first semester back in school and earned 3 A's and a B while working full time.

PSson is divorced and has joint custody of his children. He is a fulltime single dad every other week and still manages to hold a great job. He travels every other week and is a project manager for a large construction company that builds student housing complexes.

difficult child, well, is still difficult child. He just turned 26 and is having a hard time becoming an adult. He has not been in trouble with the law in 6 years. He is still dating the same girl he has been with for 6 years. He tried to return to school, but only acquired more debt with student loans. He is not working a permanent job right now, but is looking, he says. I am detached as I can be, and still hold out hope that one day he will be a fully functioning adult.

Marriage this time is wonderful. My husband is my best friend. I enjoy every single day of my life and our time together.
Hope all is well with all of you.


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Hi everyone! I'm still around even though I don't always have the mental energy or wisdom to post but I'm here reading along and always wishing all of you the very best!

difficult child is in the midst of major drama right now but what else is new? I'm learning to detach and let him live his own life. It's not always easy but it's necessary.

easy child is a typical 13 1/2 year old boy. He's really come a long way! He's doing well in school and also socially. He's made a few nice friends and lately he's got more things to do socially than I do! It warms my heart to see him growing into such a nice young man!

It's finally truly Spring here and everything is in bloom! I have my flower beds in and also some big pots of pretty flowers on my deck and out back. I finished planting my vegetable garden today. husband loves to tend to the lawn and it's really looking great! Nice and green!! This time of year makes me so calm and happy and content.

I hope you're all doing well! Thanks for making this thread Janet! It's nice to read and catch up with everyone!

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It is so good to hear from all of you...let me tell ya, letters for sore

PG, daycare will probably be a great thing for the lil guy. Nookie started into daycare about 2 weeks ago and she is doing so much better than I would have dreamed. She wont be 3 until the last week of September and she can already point out her name when she sees it written! Oh and she knows all her colors too. Im right proud of her. She must have inherited her intelligence from me because her parents are idiots...:wink-new:

I agree. He will be around other children, playing, etc. My children learned a lot in daycare. I just can't keep on like I am. Today is her day off and she asked if I would babysit AGAIN so she could run a couple errands today. I can't. I need to work and I am not babysitting tonight. My husband and I have NO intimacy life because of my babysitting every night. He is asleep before I can even come to bed. I LOVE being with my grandson, don't get me wrong, but I NEED a life other than working and babysitting every single day. It is the weekends, too, because she works doubles on the weekends, which is why it is just TOO much. I love that she has a great work ethic but she needs to do it during the day and have him in daycare. Then everyone is home at night, the stress is gone, and everyone is happy. I told her then I wouldn't even mind babysitting on weekend nights so she can go on a date. She wants this, too, so we are on the same page. It is just getting a dang car...


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easy child is doing ok right now just having minor issues with her weight and learning how to detach from friends with drama. Normal teen stuff.

difficult child is now living with us for the summer and possibly longer depending on how things go. For now she is being very respectful and we are staying positive.

husband and I are good. I'm fighting insomnia and migraines but thats pretty much the norm around here.


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I work and babysit and am looking forward to a new grandaughter. I have no issues at the moment. Honestly, I am very worried about our little grandson He says nothing , not even mama or dada. He's 18 months old. But, I get him and he knows it. I talk and read and sing and just act like he does talk.


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I come here to read most days; just don't post a lot.

I'm enjoying my new apartment. The nanny job is going well.

difficult child 1 continues to do well. I don't hear from him much but when I do it is good.

difficult child 2 is not speaking to me because he thinks I should give him more money. He'll be 27 tomorrow, has 4 kids, no job, has a court appearance on Tuesday and will probably be spending some time in jail. They had their electricity shut off last week. Guess they think they should get it for free. I can't pay for it and wouldn't 'and shouldn't if I could. They will have to work it out or go without. I'm done.

Spending Mother's Day alone just chilling. Plan to grill a steak on my new electric grill.