so much for getting anything done today!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Lothlorien, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Lothlorien

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    I had the day planned out to get Spring Cleaning done today. Got the babysitter to come and watch the kids while I did so. Missy is just not cooperating. At least I was able to avert an all out rage. She threw stuff all over the living room and she will clean it up when she comes down, but I talked her into taking a nap. She seemed tired and her allergies have been a problem all morning. I had told her earlier that she may need a nap and got her to agree, but then when the fit started, of course that went out the window.

    But, when all was said and done (through me being very calm) I talked her into going upstairs and laying down. We had planned to take her out tonight, because she had got all As on her report card. I told her that if she still wanted to go, she needed to take a nap, else we'd stay home tonight.

    I'm proud of myself. Generally, my knee-jerk reaction is to get angry that she's doing this, yet again. I can't help it when she's destroying my house. I've stayed calm the last couple of times. These are coming too much with less time in between now.

    The bad thing is that poor little Mighty Mouse saw her throwing everything all over the living room and started getting upset. I told my babysitter to keep him outside while I dealt with her. He gets really upset by this stuff.
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    good for you for keeping your cool and great for Missy for the all A's!!

    I dont know about you but the wonderful weather today and sunshine has me rip roaring thru the inside as well as the outside of the house.
  3. Lothlorien

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    yeah, after she woke up and was feeling better, they had lunch and went to the neighbor's and played. I got almost the entire inside of the house cleaned. I have to dust a couple of rooms and vacuum two rooms, but it's really, really clean now. I'm gonna be exhausted later.

    She's doing better. I think the allergies are coming into play. Just like she acts up when she's had food she's not supposed to, the seasonal allergies cause the behavioral issues too. My own doctor told me yesterday that with all that rain we had and that everything is blooming, I was in for a rough couple of weeks. He doesn't know the half of it!
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    Glad to hear she's doing better since her nap!
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    Loth - spring allergies raise such havoc with some of our little wonders.

    I'm glad things settled down & you were able to accomplish the spring clean.
  6. totoro

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    I have been "trying" to clean the house for 3 days now!!! They wont let me!!! HA HA
    With difficult child 1 starting her new medication and me cutting off my finger tip gardening on Wednesday, and difficult child 2 just being her usual self, a clingy anxious violent tornado, My house is messier!!!

    Why am I a type A personality!!! I want a clean house, waaaahhh.

    I am glad you got your's done and good job on the grades!!!