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    I don't how much of this is typical teen/difficult child and confusion/manipulation. Either way Kiddo is out of school (or rather in the special school for suspended kids) for two days this time. And she broke her new glasses. Told the teacher she was working on science fair project at home (we were only working on the back board thingy) and I was under the impression they were helping her with it at school and it was being done there, so one guess how much got done. Science fair is tomorrow. So much for science fair, and that was required at her grade.

    She's been steadily downhill since her period started even with the medication change then increase, so I don't know what to do. I don't even know how to explain it to psychiatrist so she understands. It's so frustrating. I hope I can find Kiddo's old glasses, but it's a good bet she'll break those, too. Then she'll have to do without any, which she really can't, so ... gah.
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    typical teen is hard to deal with anyways, I have one who has no behavior problems, and she drives me insane on a day to day basis! Hang in there :)
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    psychiatrist's asst (or whatever she is) that wrote everything down for doctor... her best advice was that Kiddo start going to therapy twice a week instead of once and do intensive anger management therapy. Because, you know, they don't already work on that. In therapist's office, at school (two people come in to school on top of the counselor to work with her on this on a regular basis). This is the best advice I get from them. I'd like to put my head through a wall now.
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    Oh, you brought back such *fond* memories of DD1 and her science project last year. The good news was that her failing grade opened the door for her 504.

    Does Kiddo do that a lot with big projects? If so, get some sort of modification into her IEP.
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    Forgive me if this was addressed at an earlier date, but... boy, that sounds familiar.

    Has she ever been tested for the lesser-known APDs? I would suspect so, in that you have mentioned before that you have auditory figure ground problems yourself, but... has SHE actually been tested?

    This is one of the most major things that was driving our difficult child into the worst layers of GFGdom.
    Getting help for it has been one of the biggest changes in his life.