So we finally got to meet with the psychiatrist


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husband and I sat down with the SW and psychiatrist at the psychiatric hospital today. They gave us a list of psychologists that are supposed to be NeuroPsychs, so I'm going to start making phone calls to see if we can get a neuropsychologist exam set up.

We talked a little about difficult child's history, since this was really the first time we had ever met the psychiatrist, and it became quite evident that psychiatrist really has no idea what diagnosis to give difficult child. She's puzzled by him. But, now she does think he has ADD (no "H") and she wants to try him on another ADD medication.

So, we're getting rid of the Adderall...FINALLY, but she's going to try him on Straterra. We'll see how that goes.

They did NOT bring up trying the SSRI.

She did mention two other possibilities, which I guess are maybe only possibilities if (and I'm thinking WHEN..LOL) the Stratera doesn't was Lithium and the other was a blood pressure medication, but I can't remember the name of began with a T.

I engaged her on the Lithium a few times, but she was pretty hesitant, as I guessed that she would be. I also asked her if there was another mood stabilizer that wouldn't require the regular blood draws and she said "NO." And of course, I couldn't remember the name of the one (Trileptal, right?) that I was curious about before to bring it up. I should have written it down. DOH!

husband asked what the timeline would be for sending difficult child home was and they basically said they'd like to see him have a few days out of the quiet room making good choices. Well...that to me doesn't say that he's going to come home just means he's going to have a few good days in a row and come home. :smirk: Ah, the revolving door. All the more reason I have to get on the phone and get that neuropsychologist lined up as soon as possible.

Thanks for listening.


Hi Alison, sorry the meeting with the psychiatrist wasn't more productive.

I'm sure you already know this, but most kids with inattentive ADHD don't end up in a psychiatric hospital. So there has to be something else there. She didn't say anything at all about anxiety or mood?

Furthermore, inattention can accompany lots and lots of other disorders, including anxiety, bipolar disorder, unipolar depression, autism spectrum disorders, etc. And what frequently happens is that you treat the other disorders first. Sometimes the inattention improves with treatment for the other disorder. And if inattention persists as a residual symptom, it is treated only after the other disorders are dealt with.

Just so you know, Strattera is an SNRI antidepressant. It can make kids moody and aggressive, even if they don't have any other disorder. It can also cause hypomania/mania in a child with bipolar disorder. I've heard it can work well in kids who have ADHD with anxiety. My difficult child 1 took it only for 3 days because he experienced full-blown migraines (headaches and stomachaches are common while taking Strattera).

Lithium is never given to kids with straight ADHD so the psychiatrist has to be thinking mood disorder, even if she didn't say it. The other medication she mentioned is Tenex, a blood pressure medication that is used to treat the hyperactivity and impulsivity of ADHD. But it does absolutely nothing for inattention.

I agree with setting up the neuropsychologist evaluation, like yesterday!


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My son is on the mood stabilizer Lamictal, and it does not require any blood draws. What a strange response coming from a psychiatrist...that there are none that do not require blood draws when there are!

I agree that there is much more going on than ADD. I am so glad that you have names of neuropsychs to call. I hope you can get him an appointment very, very soon. I have great doubts that stratera is going to change the types of problems you have been talking about. If she mentioned Lithium at all, she must be wondering about a mood disorder. I wonder why so many psychiatrists are hesitant to try them!!!!


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The "blood pressure medicine" must be Tenex. This is used often
for ADHD and sometimes in conjunction with stimulant medications to avoid tics etc. Both our boys were on Tenex for a number of years and had not problem UNTIL GFGmom took difficult child to an MD who
stopped the Tenex cold turkey. He ended up in the hospital with
high blood pressure for a few days. It needs to be added and removed slowly! Good luck. DDD

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I'm glad that the Adderall is being removed. I hope that when he comes home you will see improvement. Be sure you are taking care of you right now. Hugs.