So who do you think is gonna win...both DWTS and AI


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As most of you know I am an avid watcher of both of these shows. My week is pretty much ruled by when they come on. I get my drink, snacks and my dog and we hunker down on my bed to watch.

The people who have been around awhile also know my crush on DWTS has always been Derek. I still adore him though I have to admit I feel like a dirty old woman when I see clips of him back when he was first on the show! He looks like he was

This year I have been incredibly impressed by two people: Amy Purdy who is Derek's partner. She is a ParaOlympian snowboarder who won the bronze this year. She is missing both legs from the knee down. She contracted the same type of meningitis I did when she was 19 and that caused her to lose her legs. I can understand how it did because I lost all ability to use my arms and legs from my case. Thankfully I regained use. However this amazing woman has learned to do so much with her prostheses. She never actually dreamed she could dance and dance she has. She is in the finals!

Also there is another Olympian in the finals.....Meryl (somebody) who is one part of the Gold Medal winning Ice Dancing pair from this years Olympics. She is awesome. She dances with Maks. They make an awesome couple.

I think its going to be one of those two.

Now on AI....I have thought it was going to be my Caleb from Asheville NC. He is an incredible rocker dude. I picked him from the tryouts. I really like this set of judges and I hope they come back next year. They have been very good.

So this week is a good week for me. Its Finals Week. The only bad thing is that DWTS is a two night show which started Monday night and will continue on Tuesday night where we will get the ultimate results. AI is going to be a two night affair too and it is starting on Tuesday night also. How horrible for those of us who want to watch both! Im hoping that AI starts at 8 because DWTS starts at 9. Sigh. Somehow I doubt it will be that easy. I may have to have 2 TV's going and run back and


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I'm totally addicted to the dance shows. My very favorite is So You Think You Can Dance. I think that's usually a summer show. As for DWTS, I'm still trying to figure out why Candace is still on the show, let alone the finals. I guess it's her fan base. Maslow is ten times the dancer she is and seems a sweetie. I like Meryl and Maks, and Amy and Derek have done amazing work together that has positivity in it way beyond the TV show. Because I'm an adapted PE teacher, I love it when people with a challenge step up and blow us all away. And Derek has shown what he's made of by creating what he has and shows us all what we can accomplish when we work from a place of caring, thought, and heart. Plus he really has to understand choreography and anatomy to be able to showcase Amy. I have no idea who will win. I just hope it's not Candace. Sorry, but I just don't seem to "feel" her.


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Well I imagine Kathy is having some sort of party right about I am happy for her.

Derek is an awesome choreographer. He has done a ton of work outside of DWTS. He has a couple of movies out and he also choreographed for Meryl and Charlie for their winning Olympic short program I think it was. I have heard he has a show with his sister coming out this concert places....and I would love to go. I am going to see how much the tickets are because they are coming to Raleigh in late June.


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I think Meryl and Maks deserve to my opinion she's the best dancer, and she's managed to tone him down so he hasn't been such a big jerk this season.

Amy and Derek have been amazing too, though.


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Janet, this was the best season ever!! I really liked all of the celebrities and of course my Maks finally won his mirrorball trophy. I don't believe that he and Meryl are dating but they really made a great dancing partnership.

I am afraid that Maks is not coming back for the next season. At least I got to see him finally win.'

As far as American Idol, I really have lost interest in that show. I did watch on and off and predicted that Caleb would win but he really doesn't do much for me.



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I was thinking about you this season with Oh the rows we got into over this in the years past!

I swear I think I heard Maks make a remark about him not coming back but then he did take off a season or two before so maybe he will do that again. Heck my beloved missed one season! Just wasnt the same for

Idol has been getting rather blah in the last couple of years and if they had brought back last years judges I wouldnt have watched. That Niki Manaj (or however you spell her name) and Mariah Caray debacle was horrid. I really thought Harry, JLo and Keith made a wonderful set of judges. I certainly enjoyed watching them!

I also loved the part in the finale show where all 3 judges plus Randy Jackson got up and played. That was the bomb. Instead of an Idols tour...I want to see an Idol's Judges tour!