So...who's doing a tradition Irish dinner

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kt & I have planned a tradition Irish dinner for Saturday night. kt's in charge of dessert (with help from mom). She's so proud of herself.

Corned beef dinner with Irish soda bread & an Irish apple/potato cake are on the menu. (kt want's green milk - can't bring myself to do it :crazy:)

How about you?


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> irish tho my heritage is i wouldn't touch corned beef or potato pancakes with-a cattle prod.

irish soda bread is another stoy altogether. we all love it & i'll be making some of that.

</span> </span> </span>

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Since I will be out of town on St. Patty's Day, I made H his annual fixins of Corned beef, cabbage and potatos the other day! He loved it and there were leftovers for him to take to lunch. I think I may make some sauerkraut with the leftover cabbage. Yum.

I don't have a speck of Irish in me (well, except occasionally-lol) but I try to at least make H a little something every year to celebrate his roots. haha

I've never tried the Irish Soda bread - only store bought. Sounds like it would be delicious!


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I am not a fan of irish soda bread, and any Irish in me is quite "diluted" but we love corned beef and cabbage here. we have it often. ANd yes, later in the week, we then have reuben sandwhiches which we also love.
This is one of those "special days" I love to do silly little things, (similar to Valentines Day) I dress everyone in green, (for Valentines they wear pink or red) and we have hair bows etc, and I make rolled out and cut sugar cookies in shape of shamrocks, and color them very green. I used to make green pancakes cut out with shamrock cutters, but my family really does not like pancakes. And yes, I have dyed the milk. (our milk has been dyed so many colors) ANd I make color appropriate Kool Aid.........or buy Green River pop. (or red creme soda for Valentines)
For homeschool we will do research about the meaning of ST Patricks Day. I love these kinds of days.


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Don't like corned beef and cabbage one bit.

I like Irish Soda Bread. I don't like a lot of Irish food that is served in the US. My grandmother was Scottish. She used to make Haggus and that.....YUCK!

My Grandmother used to make this huge pancake for dinner. I think it was just a plain pancake, but I always liked it.


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I don't do Irish - I do Celtic! I've got a bumper sticker somewhere that reads "I was Celtic BEFORE Michael Flatley!"

I have no Irish in me, all German, but hey, if you go far enough back, the Celts came through there, so I may have some of that. But I don't do shamrocks, I do celtic knots, etc. We're playing at the Farmer's Market Saturday morning, so we'll be playing mostly Celtic songs, and I'll take the bodhran and penny whistle along with the dulcimers.
I wear green, and husband wears orange.
I do know some Gaelic, but it's not "polite" Gaelic!!! Comes from being around too many Celtic and Irish festivals!!

Oh, and I'll have my traditional glass of Guiness or Killians!


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Not sure if I will be cooking or not. husband is just getting past the flu and that is right around the time I would be getting it if he passed it on to me. I cook cornbeef and cabbage and boiled potatoes. Irish soda bread with tea is dessert. Funny I hated the stuff when I was a kid but I love it now. My grandchildren love in already so I wonder if they won't when they get older LOL. My daughter was born on St Patricks Day (barely 11:47pm) 31 years ago. She used to hate that fact and never wanted the tradition dinner. Now she revels in sharing her birthday with Irelands favorite Saint. she said if I don't cook this year she will go to an Irish pub close to her home for dinner. -RM


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I'm not cooking but I will be visiting friends who are hosting a St. Patrick's Day dinner party.

Green wine anyone? :smile:



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I'm not Irish (I'm mostly Scottish and German with a little English thrown in) but I always celebrate St. Paddy's Day. I have green shamrock lights outside, a sparkly shamrock by my door, and decorations inside including a special afghan I made in green and white with a big shamrock in the middle. We always have corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread. My mother is doing the cooking this year but younger son and family will be there. I'm makiing a grasshopper pie to completet the meal. It may not be Irish but at least it's GREEN! :thumb: