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    difficult child has a new psychiatrist. She has increased his Abilify and added Lamictal and Visteril. The last few months have been hell. For the first time in a very long time, I had him transported to the hospital because he was destroying the house. There are holes in almost every wall and door. For saying " no" to something. We were at the hospital for seven hours when they informed me that they could not guarantee we would see someone within two hours and that when we did, the doctor would not be standing in front of us...he'd be on a TV Monitor!! Telepsych. Unbelievable. We left.

    The new psychiatrist has sent a referral to an Epilepsy Center for us to get a complete neuropsychologist evaluation, which is something I've wanted for so long. The ODD is so out of control. Even though I've lived with this for ten years, it's still so hard to comprehend and live with. I am praying that the evaluation and/or a visit to a neurologist will shed some new light on all of this.

    Meanwhile, tomorrow is my trip(with difficult child) to a Juvenile Court Counselor to address difficult child "truancy". I'm not too worried due to the amount of time I have tried to get homebound services and a bunch of copies of letters that I have written. Also working with an advocate to see if we have a case against school system for so many different things. I am emotionally drained. My hat is so off to any of you who manage to work a job outside of dealing with your difficult child. I couldn't do it.
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    I'm very sorry you are having such a rough time with your difficult child. I know all too well how it feels to be run down. Luckily for me I get a two month break from work in the summer and I can somewhat relax, as long as my kids will let me, that is. That is great news you are getting a neuropsychologist evaluation for him. That in itself must be some form of relief. Just wanted to wish you best of luck with everything and let you know I can feel your pain. Hang in there.
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    Stressed, they say it's always darkest before the dawn.
    I'm sure hoping that new evaluation will turn up some additional diagnosis(es) and some help to go with.
    Behind you on the school stuff, too.
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    I'm sorry you're having a hard time, but why would an Epilepsy Center have a neuropsychologist? They don't test for epilepsy. Do you mean a neurologist? Two totally different animals.
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    Stressed- when my difficult child was on Abilify it caused him to go into extreme destructive rages. As soon as he went off the Abilify those rages stopped completely. He still has anger management issues but he's no longer destructive and can pretty much process his anger without going into a blind rage. It might not be the case in your situation but maybe talk to the dr about the extreme rage possibly being a side effect from the Abilify? Just a thought.
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    Glad you are getting the testing done. Hope you get good/informative results.
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    My son was the same way with the SSRI class of medications. They made his far more aggressive than he was on his own. If he's been worse since stating the medications it could be a side effect and maybe he needs something different. Talk to the doctor and see what they say.