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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> first off the lovely cat is being dressed so much better this season. i'm thinking they have a new costume director. the dancers' costumes are better this season as well.

went back & watched the show on dvr this morning. i was falling asleep last night.

in order of appearances:

~~~ lauren/neil.....hip hop...choreographed by dave. oksy, hip hop is my least favorite form if dance whether it's b/boy, pop & lock/whatever. just don't appreciate it. that being said i think they did well with-the choreography they were given.

~~~ jessie/pasha.....stiff (afro~centric) jazz......choreographed by tice (a fav of mine). i thought they were great

~~~ hok/jaime.....samba...choreographed by jean paul. really wasn't very samba like. jean paul steps too far out of the rules for my taste. it gets hard to judge the contestants when the choreographer steps so far across the line. they did great with-what they were given.

~~~ sabra/dominick....contemporary....choreographer. sabra is just not high on my list & truthfully i can't pinpoint just why. i think he has more potential than she does.

~~~ faina/ trot...hunter choreographed. she did a wonderful job...truly. he needs to find the time to work on the other forms & not rely on getting a pass in the solos.

~~~ lacey/ i thought it lacked something....that pizazz they mentioned. i love lacey tons!

~~~ anya/danny....vieneese waltz...hunter choreographed. danny is hands down my favorite guy in the competition. anya is good & has a wonderful maturity to her dancing. i just want her to style her hair appropriate to the flying in your face does not work well for this form of dance.

~~~ shauna/jimmy.....hip hop....dave. the dance itself was good. more jazzy than true hip hop.

~~~ sara/jesus....passo doble....jean paul again. he is my least fav choreographer of them all. steps too far outside of classical forms of dance for my taste. his musical choice was dreadful! the one bad thing with-mary being a full~time judge this season is i don't think she can choreograph any of the numbers. mia was a judge this week so didn't choreograph. sara & jesus danced the number well.

bottom three will be hard to choose from this week. honestly i wouldn't mind seeing sabra & sedrick or hok go.


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I missed the first three dances last night, and missed last week's show entirely.

I thought Jesus was absolutely fantastic, especially considering the awful music choice they gave him to Paso Doble to. His poise was breathtaking. I agree with Kris that Danny is terrific. Faina and Lacey were also beautiful. I don't think I can fairly give a list of favorites until I watch them all.

I heart this show.


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Well, that didn't seem fair! Faina was the better half of the faina/Cedrik pair and she got the boot and he got to stay.

My favorite pair is Anya and Danny. All of the dancers are great, though.



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Yes, I was surprised last night. I expected Shauna to be the girl although they were right- her solo was fantastic and saved her. And I thought Cedrick would go.

I was very surprised to see Pasha in the bottom 3.

Oh well.

As long as Danny and Lacey are still there I don't care this early in the game.



I was really surprised they kept Cedric. I think Jimmy was a lot better dancer and partner--thought they got it wrong. I am glad they kept Shauna--she really did "dance for her life"--the other 2 seemed sort of half-hearted in their solos. But, I really like Faina so I was sorry to see her go--that stupid Cedric wrecked things for her and then he gets to stay! My husband kept saying how brutal this competition is--I feel bad for anyone who has to go but someone has to each week--only going to get worse!



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Cedric should have been gone. That was unfair. Jimmy was so much of a better dancer. Shauna did dance well and although Jessie didn't dance her solo as well, I agree that she didn't deserve to be in the bottem three. So Faina was, I guess, the next choice to go, but her partner should have been gone too.

The sad thing is that Cedric will most likely be in the bottom next week too, so does that mean Shauna will get the boot? Stinks for her, huh? Shauna is probably not too happy to have him as a partner, now.
I think Cedric has a really cool dance style, but just cannot cut it in the other forms of dance. I agree, unfair last night. I loved Faina, really sad to see her go so soon in the competition.

The choreography this week was a little strange, I thought. Couldn't hardly bring myself to watch Sara and Jesus, the music ruined their dance for me. They did well with what they were given, just had to plug my ears! Mia we need you back!!!! LOL!!



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I think they have the best dancers so far this season. They all seem so much more professional then the past seasons. I'm really enjoying it. I like all the types of dancing.