Some hope...


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Last night Kanga was horrid to Tigger. She punched him in the face because he asked her what she was drawing. Tigger started sobbing that he shouldn't even be in this family -- that Kanga is right and he isn't a real part of this family (something Kanga has screamed at him frequently as he is not blood-related to her). I had husband meet me and take Kanga home and I took the boys to their practice and then out to dinner so that Kanga was asleep by the time we got home.

Then this morning...Kanga actually showed remorse for her behavior!!! Tigger stills needs an assistant to go through his morning routine. Normally it is Eeyore or myself. Today, Kanga did it -- on her own - without a problem. She woke him up and gave him a hug, took him through his whole routine, and they are now playing together since Tigger is ready 15 minutes early. Tigger is so happy.

Kanga doesn't show remorse often, but it is nice to see flickers of it.


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Maybe she's growing up at last? Some of this is typical teen, although I know there are a lot of underlying problems.

easy child used to be horrible at times to her younger sister, especially. We would all be getting on fine, then easy child would get home for the weekend after living with g'ma all week, and within minutes there would be arguments, tears and shouting. But not any more - now they all get on well, and watching them sit together to play a card game, or board game - it's wonderful.

As they get older, kids tend to appreciate each other more. They reach a critical point of fighting and nastiness between 10 and 20, somewhere, then things pick up.

Did you thank Kanga for her help and support of Tigger? I would have given her a hug, too, for being such a loving sister next morning.



A very, very good sign in my opinion. :thumb:

(Several months ago difficult child showed empathy for the first time I can remember. I tend to work on the premise that if a positive happens once, it can happen again. I was thrilled!)


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Marg - oh yes, I made sure to point out "what a responsible 12 year old" she was being (her therapist has her convinced that being a 'responsible 12 year old' is the best thing in the world) We even were able to work a little on our hugging procedure -- Tigger hugs everyone but Kanga wants him to ask her first, so we practiced him asking and her saying yes :smile: Tigger was in 7th heaven :smile:

Sheila - that is my premise too I see your difficult child is just a little older than mine, maybe they are both growing up