Some people are rude...

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  1. I am so disgusted, I just walked into my office area at work. I am in a little area by myself, with my desk and an empty desk across from it, where people come to use the typewriter. Anyway, I walked in and someone must have worked late and ordered pizza. There is a pizza box, open with pizza still in it, paper plates, little packets of stuff and crumbs all over the other desk! My area smells like stale pizza and I am left to clean the mess up! That is so rude! First of all, they had no business in my area, because no one sits in there but me. Second, there is empty offices around they could have used, or heaven forbid they walk down the hall to the kitchen! UGHHHHHHHHH There is no way to know who did this. Some people are just pigs. Oink Oink.

    I can't even stomach eating my breakfast with this smell. I guess I will clean it up before I do anything. I can't just leave it, I am surrounded by windows to the hallway, besides the smell is so gross.

    What a way to start my day.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  2. nvts

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    That's not being rude, that's being an inconsiderate slob. I'd send out an email letting everyone know how repulsive this was and that you'd appreciate it not happening again.

  3. Big Bad Kitty

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    That is so nasty!

    I'd either send out a mass email, like Nvts suggested, or leave a note in the lunchroom, thanking whomever it was for leaving that mess for you.
  4. mstang67chic

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    Dear After Hours Pizza Eater,

    Please feel free to use my area to dine on your exquisite evening meal as I realize it was probably too difficult for you to use your own desk or even the kitchen for this activity. I was so pleased to note that you were kind enough to leave some for me as I eat my breakfast at work. Unfortunately, the ants beat me to it this morning as they had already converged on the open box, left over pizza and accumulation of crumbs and small pieces of food. I'm sorry to say that I had to discard your generous offer and take care of the resulting mess. I sincerely hope that the extremely toxic pesticides I used to eliminate the ants does not cause you undue discomfort but it was a necessity. I just hope that the next time this happens, I don't have to spray everyone's area as a precaution.

    Thank you again for your generosity. Maybe next time I will be able to enjoy your offerings.
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    We've got some of those too! There are some who seem to think that the Good Fairy will come along behind them and clean up their mess, then there's others who just don't care and figure that someone "beneath them" will come and clean up after them! But to come in to your own personal work area and trash it and leave their smelly garbage for you to clean up is just downright common! I'd be doing the email too, or putting notices on bulletin boards!
  6. gcvmom

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    Yuck. That's just so gross. Hope your day gets better...
  7. Abbey

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    I wouldn't do an email, but put a typed sign on the desk. Something to the likes of:


  8. Thanks everyone! I can't send out an email, we are not allowed to send out mass emails to everyone, but I am certainly not being quiet about it either!
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    Sorry people can be so obnoxious.

  10. Lothlorien

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    I'm so glad that I work from home.
  11. My friends here at work were all just as appalled as me over this. Someone did suggest though that whoever it was probably thought the cleaning crew when they came through to empty the garbage would have cleaned it up. Yeah, NOT. They will not even take empty boxes if they are sitting on the floor unless you put a sign on them saying "Trash". I spoke with the office attendant - she is this really nice lady that cleans the kitchens and sets up and cleans up the conference rooms. She said it didn't surprise her, that people around her are just pigs and she gets left some pretty bad messes. I work with a bunch of attorney's, that probably explains it all.
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Duct tape & BIG sharpie -

    Tape the pizza box to the elevator wall and on the box write -



    nothing says some co-worker is a looser slob
    like the smell of stale pizza in another co-worker's
    area in the morning.
  13. Oh Star! You are great! I love the idea. Some people are just awful and pigs.
  14. donna723

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    Too bad you don't know who did it. You could put it in their car ... maybe one day next week, after it's gotten nice and ripe and has attracted a few bugs! You could leave a note: "You left this in my office. I'm sure you didn't mean to but I thought you'd like to have it back!"
  15. haha!!! I love it! Or leave it in their office after they left for the day, it should be good and ripe by Monday.
  16. KTMom91

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    Back in the day, I worked for the IRS. Talk about loser slobs...they couldn't even flush the toilet. I got so disgusted one day, I posted a sign in the ladies' room...

    I might be someone's mom, but I'm not yours! Show some respect for your co-workers and flush the toilet!

    Man, I hated that job!
  17. susiestar

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    If you ever discover who did it, put a piece of pizza on the exhaust manifold of his/her car. The smell will linger LONG LONG time to remind them to mind their manners and be a reasonable human being.

    From what I understand from friends who worked with attorneys, it sounds like a lot of what they had to put up with.

    I'm sorry.
  18. Wiped Out

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    That is just disgusting! We have people at our work who leave things in the fridge that rot or something spills and it doesn't get cleaned out. We have notes posted about cleaning up after yourself and still it doesn't happen.