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    I need to know what kind of a therapist I can get for my difficult child. He's not been going for about a year and I refuse to take him back to the one we went to for so long. I never saw that there was much help given difficult child and now I think difficult child has issues larger than this therapist would deal with effectively. How does one find a heavy hitter of a therapist?

    'Guess it wouldn't hurt to explain why I've got this need....

    difficult child has always had encopresis, but either it's getting worse or he's just older, but I'm at my wits end. For it to ever get better he has to cooperate and SIT to try to go at least once a day. He practically refuses....and it turns into a huge fight. On top of that......boy, I hate divulging this.....but this morning I was tracking down an odor and found underwear in his closet (been there awhile) smeared with feces. The part that totally devastated me was that the underwear was mine. I'm just sick over this. He has MAJOR problems....I've found my underwear in his closet before but it was clean.

    Please help....
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    Is he under the care of a psychiatrist for his medications? If so, ask them for a recommendation. Place a call to his peddoc, take a deep breath, and explain what's been going on and ask the for a therapist recommendation. Check out the wrights law website - they have yellow pages for kids that you can customize for your city and state - you might find something there.


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    If you have private insurance, they will likely have a list of tdocs that they cover. If you are paying out of pocket, you might want to call the county mental health and ask where they send their tough cases.

    So sorry,
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    Dont be embarrassed. Tdocs have heard it all. Just call the psychiatrist or your insurance company and ask them for a referral to someone who treats difficult cases of psychological encopresis cases. That should cover what you need to tell them at that point.

    Hey...I was telling the group at our get together this past summer about when I joined the board and I found Cory sitting at my kitchen table pleasuring himself while sitting in a pair of shorts he had...ummm...been encopretic in. I didnt realize the restaurant servers were behind me listening in absolute horror! Fran was desperately trying to wave at them to close the partitions so we would have more privacy and when we realized what happened, we rolled in laughter...lmao.
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    You all DO offer comic relief for I'm so terribly sad, I think. I keep hoping he'll get a little better with this.
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    This must be terrible for you...on so many levels. Finding your own undies in difficult child's closet??? Ugghhh!!!

    I think that finding a "heavy hitter" will be tough if you are restricted by insurance considerations...

    Is there a university near you? Perhaps there is a therapist researching or teaching about just this sort of issue who might be able to help you or make a recommendation?

    Worth a shot...