Someone ran over our mailbox


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Its a blizzard here. Snow, then icerain and now back to snow. Schools closed, works closed, the kids are driving me insane and now my mailbox has been demolished. I am thinking the plow may have hit it. You would think they would've told us at least. That mailbox wasn't exactly cheap either. I am really po'd right now!!!! :grrr: Not exactly the best Valentines Day.


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Ugh. At least our plow driver smiled and said "Sorry!" through his window as he pushed some snow onto the driveway. :hammer:
Maybe it's time you took a bath or picked up something to read. Duckie's not been too bad so far. Of course I've spent over two hours (spread out since 8:30am) outside, so that may be part of it! :wink:

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You can save the remains and report it to your town for replacement. Our town is pretty good about replacing mailboxes damaged by the just takes a while.


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Our town sends a truck out once we are in Spring and fixes all the broken mailboxes. We found out because my mom's mailbox was broken when my brother hit it and one day it was magically all better. Apparently they just fix all the broken ones, they don't track which ones they have broken LOL

If it is still functional, it is possible that they'll fix it in the Spring. Either way I'd report it to your city hall.


It really sucks that this happened, but you have to give the plow drivers some credit. They end up working sometimes over 24 straight hours when the snow hits and having to dodge cars parked on the street and all sorts of things. It always amazes me to see one zooming down the street and turn just in time to avoid a parked car so that it can get close enough to it to plow but without hitting it. I find myself holding my breath thinking, Ohhhh..he's going to hit it. But they haven't yet.