sometimes I wonder if difficult child thinks I am senile...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Oct 17, 2012.

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    like today... difficult child calls at 10am asking me to bring $5 from her purse and take it to the main office at the high school. Why? She wants to go with friends and get fast food for lunch. She forgets that I attended this same school (even though it was 39 years ago) and only seniors are allowed to have an open lunch period. She is a freshman. I gave her a noncommittal answer... then called the school to verify the school policy. Yep. Only seniors. difficult child thinks only kids with cars and kids they invite. She called back at lunch hour when her $ wasn't left at the office. husband was too polite and said we didn't have time to take money there, and asked her about the school policy... That is when she said everyone with cars... or kids who ride with kids with cars. Either she is dumb... or she thinks I am... I am not sure if it is one or the other... of BOTH! KSM
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    This is typical teen. Or maybe I am not a good one to ask about this...lmao. I wasnt a typical teen but a fairly difficult child but I know tons of us used to sneak off campus to go to fast food places. In fact I spent 3 lovely days in ISS when I got caught driving back in the lot from McDonalds!
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    I know part of it is typical teen... but asking me to bring her money so she can break the rules... I think that is just difficult child-ness. I skipped out a few times too... but I never called and asked my parents to bring me money so I could skip!

    If she gets caught, she pays the consequences... but I am not going to help her do it! KSM
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    True. I have often told my son that he was just never as good as me because he just didnt have the gift I did at being bad. He was always too stupid and got caught. Just like your daughter calling to get money so you would know she was planning to leave campus. Duh! I would have never done that. I actually read a book called How to be a Good Bad Girl. LOL
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    This is exactly the sort of thing my difficult child would do. She just explains the rules in such a way that priviledges always apply to her, but consequences never do. Stcik to your guns and do the right thing, regardless of how your daughter explains that the restriction does not apply to her...
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    OMG...that is Kanga too!
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    After I picked her up from school, I explained that I had originally thought the lunch hour was closed... and after calling the school, I found out I was right. She didn't say much, just gave me the "I can't believe that you would call look". Why do difficult child's think we are all gullible? And you are right... she wants all the priviledges and none of the responsibilities or consequences, and if she talks and "explains why" certainly I will change my mind! Nope. ksm
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    My difficult child thinks if she tells me something many times it makes it true. Of course always to her advantage. I just tell her calmly, go aheead wear yourself out and then I go on about my business, eventually she gets it but boy oh boy, when do they really get it and stop doing it all together. I was a major difficult child but never would have called and asked my parents to bring me money so I could go break the rules. LOL. One day she will laugh at herself, and I hope you are right there watching her realize it wasnt her smartest move. lol
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    Good point! Sometimes my difficult child thinks I'm really dumb, too, but it always catches up with-him.

    I agree, she'll find away to do something, but it shouldn't be on your dime. Sorry!
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    Oh I can so relate!