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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Every year, since difficult child was about 3, we have made a gingerbread house. I buy the Wilton kit from the craft store and we set aside an afternoon one weekend before Christmas and we put the house together and I let him decorate it any way he wants. As easy child got older he started helping with the house, too. As you can imagine, that didn't always go over well with difficult child. difficult child didn't like the decorations that easy child wanted to put on, or where he wanted to put them on. You all know how that goes, right.

    This morning I was in Michael's and I saw the gingerbread kits. They had a kit that is a little village! Five little house! And they had a kit with two little gingerbread trees! So, I bought them both. difficult child and easy child will each get to decorate two houses and one tree (I get the fifth house so there can be no arguing about who got to decorate more stuff). I know this seems little, but I was really happy about it. They get to do something that they look forward to every Christmas season, and I, hopefully, get some peace while we do it.

    I might even take difficult child shopping to get a little extra candy for decorations.
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    LOL Bunny!

    Many moons ago, when I was with XH, I would bake my own gingerbread, use a small saw to cut it, and glue it all together.

    I used a LOT of Halloween candy. I worked at Target, so I'd get it on 50%-75% clearance + my employee discount, and go NUTS.

    Since I didn't eat them, I also used hot glue on the inside where no one could see, to shore up my foundations.
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    Step that's a fantastic idea!! We don't eat them either. They just like to put it together and decorate. Maybe I'll do that this year to help keep the houses together. Thanks for the info!
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    :bigsmile: See, even my own idiosyncrasies help others! LOL

    FWIW? Necco Wafers taste like flavored chalk to me, but they make AWESOME shingles.
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    such a great this
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    I love this too - what a fun family tradition.
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    What a great family tradition. And, how great to find both kits.