Soup anyone?



Who here needs to be nurtured?
How about soups that nurture?
You must try...
Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque (Organic).
OMG! It is out of this world. I tell you...out of this world.
1 cup 130 calories
It is rich and so'll knock your socks off.

Another very good soup is in the frozen section. It's called Tabatchnick. I think it is Kosher. Most, are gluten free. Most, if not all, are organic. Most are low calorie. All sorts of stuff. Balsamic Tomato and Rice...Matozoh Ball (sp?). It also has a nurturing quality about it.

p.s. Oops. I was rushing around so much today... + had difficult child coming over for dinner. I was so nervous...I put this in the wrong section. I'll see if I can get it moved to Healthy Living.
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Amy's Lentil soup. Yum. I make my own lentil soup but this one comes through when I don't have time.

I haven't tried Tabachnik but have seen it in the local groceries. I could use some nurturing about now ... will give it a try.


Nomad, thanks for the suggestions. I will try them.

About once a week I try to make a pot of my own soup. Butternut squash is a favorite, and it's low cal. I also like mushroom barley a lot.


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I mkae my own pumpkin soup. It's an old recipe, not one of the new-fangled ones loadedwith chili and coriander (cilantro) which seems to be shoved into every recipe you see on the media these days, as if without it nobody can taste anything. Personally, I don't like it in everything, only used sparingly in the right recipe.

But I digress - I use butternut pumpkin for preference, but I'll make do with whatever I have to. I peel it, cook some onion in a trace of oil until the onion is just colouring up. Throw in the pumpkin and let it toast a little then pour in chicken stock and let it simmer until the pumpkin is tender, then I puree it.

To flavour it - I add a little salt of course, and depending on the quality of the pumpkin (and whether I've had to make do with Queensland Blue instead of good butternut) I'll add a trace of sugar and maybe enough freshly ground nutmeg to simulate the natural sweetness of butternut.

And that's it. Depending on how thick it is, I might need to water it down. It can be served in different ways, depending on people's dietary needs and tastes. For example, cheese lovers get it as a panade, a layer of soup topped with toasted slices of breadstick, topped with cheese, then another layer of soup, bread and cheese finally finishing it under the grill until the cheese is bubbling. Or I might put a dollop of sour cream in the bowl, top it with snipped chives and let the cream slowly swirl into the soup.

And if you really must, you can use, instead of snipped chives, some cilantro. If you absolutely have to.

Just not under MY roof.



Marg, my butternut squash soup doesn't have cilantro in it!

I bake the squash in the oven, which gives it a nice carmelized flavor. Then I brown some onions and celery in a pot and add the scooped-out squash, vegetable broth, cinnamon and ginger. I then puree the soup in a food processor, return the mixture to the pot to heat and stir in some honey. Delish!


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The honey would work. But your honey would be milder in flavour than ours, most likely. Australian bush honey can sometimes be as dark as molasses, and almost as strong in flavour. A little bit goes a long way. However, medicinally.. it's brilliant. I was using some on Sunday afternoon, as hormone rooting powder for my cuttings. Honey has growth factors in it, it makes a really good gardening tool! I also use it as a wound dressing.


I love tomato soup and am going to look for Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque when I go grocery shopping this week. I'm always looking for low calorie foods that are delicious and satisfying. Thanks.:D WFEN


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Is Amy's in the regular soup section? I gave up on ready made soups as no one in my house will eat it. I buy Emeril's chicken broth occasionally and a cream soup for a potato dish but that's it. I wouldn't mind some options for lunch for me though, if I can find something I like.


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Oh, the Tabatchnick frozen soups are incredible! They really taste homemade, have no artificial ingredients and aren't loaded with sodium. I love the lentil with a half a turkey sandwich for lunch. Yankee bean is another fav. mmmmm....

I also love homemade tomato soup (HATE Campbell's). I'll have to try the Amy's!


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I am going to try that pumpkin/squash soup. I probably can't tolerate the frozen ones (gluten free or not), but that pumpkin/squash soup sounds very good!