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    Interesting insight.

    https://web.archive.org/web/20110402150329/http://ruthcolker.com/special education simulations.htm

    Heck Faust Memorial Chair in Constitutional Law
    Michael E. Moritz College of Law
    The Ohio State University

    Professor Colker teaches an interdisciplinary course on the law of special education in which 8 students are in graduate school in allied health disciplines and 12 students are enrolled in law school. She co-teaches the course with a supervising attorney from Columbus Legal Aid who practices in this subject area. She received a grant from the Ohio Bar Foundation to develop simulations to use in this course. Vanessa Coterel worked closely with her to develop these simulations.

    At this time, Ms. Coterel has helped her develop three simulations: (1) a client counseling simulation between an attorney and a parent, (2) a mock Individual Education Program meeting, and (3) a mock behavior manifestation meeting. Under the terms of the grant she received to develop these simulations, Professor Colker has not retained the copyright for these materials. The public is free to photocopy and use these simulations and they are therefore made available on this website. Each simulation is a bit complicated to use, and this website tries to provide basic information on how to use the simulation material. The simulations have been developed in Microsoft Word. If someone needs them in an alternative format, please contact Professor Colker.

    An accessibility simulation is also provided on the Student Accessibility Studies page.
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    I teach this class and these materials could really help me make things more realistic.

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    Glad you can put it to good use.