Speech Pathology Testing today


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Well, once again, difficult child has passed, if not with-flying colors, enough to stump everyone. The speech path at the local children's hospital let me sit in on the testing, and ea time they completed a section, he'd tally up everything immediately and tell me (yay! most people make you wait weeks). difficult child was within the average range on every single test. His worst section was simple word IDs, which seemed strange, because he's got a big vocab, but there was another section that tied in words to either pictures or short phrases and he tested as though he were a 14-yr-old. The average of all the tests together was clearly average, and the path drew a graph to illustrate it.
He said that his tests were not designed for anything subtle, just for glaring cognitive discrepancies,and he had no referrals or suggestions,except to continue with-counseling and dealing with-the ADHD.
Oh well. I just couldn't leave that stone unturned.

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You are right-no stone unturned! It's great they let you sit in and gave you immediate feedback! Sounds like he did well!


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Did they test his ability to have a long, connected conversation? My son passed word tests easily, but trying to hold a conversation with him is hard. He can't really tell stories, like details about what he did on vacation, and he monologues a lot rather than doing give-or-take conversation. This hampers him with others.


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He can carry on a conversation but any kid will get bored after 5 or 10 min. unless it's geared specifically toward their interests. They tested for connecting concepts, searching for implications in pictures, "What-if's," that sort of thing.

After the testing, we walked to the car and I continued the whole thing, tongue-in-cheek. I pointed to the bldg across the street and said, "difficult child is standing on top of that bldg. He is holding a piece of equipment. His mother is standing on the ground watching. What does he do? And what is the equipment?"
He said he was wearing a harness and would rappel down the side of the bldg. and say hello to her.

Sounded normal to me. Actually, the most normal thing he said happened the moment we stepped onto the pavement, "That was SO boring!" LOL!

In re: to vacation, he has told everyone that the highlight from his vacation in Colo. this summer was when we rented a car and Mom tried to kill everyone by taking corners too sharply. "I thought I was going to die," he said.
Right. Well, it was kind of exciting ... expecially when you see in some places that the guardrail has been dented, or worse, where chunks of it are missing. Makes you want to go ve-r-r-r-ry slo-o-o-wwwwly.

I was hoping he'd talk about the scenery, or seeing our relatives. But those are "Mom" vacation concepts, LOL!


Not to be a downer, but this testing sounds like a screen. Screens miss a lot, so if you suspicion there are language problems, pursue it further.

My son's language problems were not caught on the typical screens nor some normed testing. There were various subtleties that cause huge problems.