spoke more than I should have



My partner at work is off on Medical leave. My help I have is very knowledgable. Very helpful. Very easy to get a long with. Very open as to his feelings religion, politic's, school.
He has a 5 year old. Sending to a new charter school this year. He straight out said that his son's new school will not allow anyone who is in Special Education. I asked him what if your child develops ADHD or another condition after kindergarden. He stated that person would be kicked out of this charter school. I kind of lost it. Not raising my voice, but stating that would be against the law. That school is part of the unified district and they cannot kick a child out. He states they can kick a child out of that school if they are not the good student. And he will question that at the next school meeting. He stated that a Special Education student must go to a "neighborhood" school.
I said way to much. Now I am very nervous. My neighbor is going to be the secretary for that school, our kids play, Neighbor and I have different views also, but don't visit that place often. Neighbor is wonderful with my son. Having said that, I am very worried this man will go to her and repeat things I have said at work in conversation. He plans on being very involved in school, which is fine, but I am very afraid that he will pass on information I don't want passed on.
It just threw me for a loop when he said they would kick out any special education student.


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If it is as you have stated here I can't see what problems would crop up unless you have said you are going "after" this school. Charter schools are a whole new animal here in Indiana. Don't know what your rules are, but I believe here it is the school district that must accomodate any Special Education, not a specific school, so they could easily say send any "different type learners" to another school that can handle those situations. I could be wrong, but am guessing that is what the school will tell you about Special Education students or even slow learners. Guess they are searching only for the gifted students who are compliant...could be a pretty boring school......but could make the charter school look good on test scores.

Your neighbor probably already knows how you feel, so can't see where this would lead to problems, unless you want to push to get your difficult child in this school?


Do not agree with charter schools. Not from what I have learned about them. Charter schools are part of the Unified District Public Education. The ones that are now open, do not have a Special Education teacher on site, but the district does supply one several times a week, month what ever the need. It IS a PUBLIC school. If I sent my child there and three years later find out he has a learning disablility and they are going to kick him out I would be upset. This man seems to think that the actions of all students / kids are their own choice and do this purposely.
If only these parents could just walk in my shoes, or any of yours to see how frustrating it is, how hard we try, and how much it hurts when other parents give you "the look".


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I have that problem too. I usually talk way too much and give out way too much information. I've tried to curb that in my later years but I could have kicked myself for some of the info I gave years ago. I am an open and friendly person but also have strong opinions on some things. Sometimes I have to remind myself to keep quiet.

I have a neighbor who uses everything people tell her to her advantage. She has a daughter the same age as my difficult child and I have regretted telling her things over the years, mainly because she tries to sabatage everything for everyone else just to get her daughter ahead.

Anyway if you are really worried about the discussion you had with this person you could simply just say you feel you may have said some things too harshly and hoped he wasn't offended. Otherwise leave it alone, it is your opinion and you are entitled.



BUT...his son is going to attend the same school my neighbor works at. I let a little bit too much info go regarding my neighbor. Before I knew his son was going to go there. I don't want to jeopordize difficult child's relationship with neighbor, nor mine. I am just way scared at this time.



I think Nancy's advice was very sound, including what she said about your particular situation.

Integrate what you've gotten here for future use. Confidentiality is an important issue.


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I have this same problem, over share. I keep things to myself if I'm told to, but otherwise, I'm an open book.

I'd say go with what Nancy said too. Say you hope he wasn't offended and it was just your opinion, maybe even admit sometimes you can spill too easily and drop it.

I'm not sure exactly what you said, but if you said anything derogatory about your neighbor, I doubt he is willing to tell the neighbor what you said. Most people don't go up to someone and say, "Hey, guess what so and so said about you," when its negative. If it was just about the school, then its your opinion. You have every right to have one and to state it.