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    I guess maybe i spoke too soon about the abilify working. Today has been one of the worse days yet I believe. He wants to burn our house down, he hates me wishes I would die. difficult child says he will laugh when I die. I know he really doesnt mean it and tonight or tomorrow he will be sorry. He says he is going to tell the school tomorrow that I punched him in the face( very far from the truth). I just dont know what to do, I am scared to leave him alone, scared for him to be alone with his brother and sister just in the next room. it makes me feel like such a horrible mother, I just feel as though I could do something more. I wish probally as all of you do , for a magical cure wake up in the morning and all would be better.

    And sorry about the all caps, just habit I guess. My dad's eyes are bad and I usually and talking to him also while on the computer. But anyway he says it is easier for him to see caps. So for future threads I will uncap.

    :whiteflag:Some days i feel like giving up, but then who will be in his corner making the daily struggle so he is not alone. And then when I look on here I feel my drama is so little compared to so many of your stories so, thanks for listening.
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    I'm sorry this happened, but unfortunately, I'm not shocked to hear about the bad reaction to abilify. It made my son worse after a couple of days, when he had been doing better before it. It was rx'd to my difficult child for feelings of being overwhelmed and anxiety, but it made him hypomanic, then he got a knife and held it near my neck and demanded cigs. He had done something similar before, but not to that extent and I think the abilify sent him backwards.

    Do you have psychiatrist's "ok" to stop giving it to your difficult child immediately? If not, you might want to call and ask about it- I would be concerned about continuing to give it. Actually, it might be a good idea to call psychiatrist anyway.


    I plan on calling first thing in the morning. We definately dont need anything that is going to set us back.:(
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    I totally can relate to the wanting to give up but then who would be in his corner part. I'm sorry he is struggling. I hope the psychiatrist can offer some help. Hugs.
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    I completely understand wanting to give up and then wondering who would be in "his corner". been there done that and it is a bad position to be in.

    He is 10. Is it possible for him to be admitted to a hospital to become stabilized on medications and correctly diagnosed?

    If he is hurting others and you, and threatening you or his siblings, then he is a danger to himself and others. Next time he is having a fit take him to a psychiatric hospital or call an ambulance to transport him if it is not safe for you to take him. Once he is there they can evaluate him and do some testing (you will have to push for this) and then they can work to find the correct medication.

    I am so familiar with the feeling of not being able to leave a child in the next room with siblings. My oldest hurt his sister very badly any and every time they were in a room with-o adult supervision from the time he was very young until he was a teen.

    You may have to look into a residential treatment facility (Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) or Residential Treatment Center (RTC)) for him to get long term help in changing things. This would help him learn to be safe with his siblings, but it is very expensive and you should try having a complete evaluation done first.

    I am sorry you and the other kids are being hurt by his actions and words.