Spring break?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Arttillygirl, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Well still don't know what to do. Grades aren't above Cs although attitude is better.

    We had signed difficult child up for a spring break trip in March but bought the insurance just in case.
    We had hoped it would be a great year and this trip would continue to bond him to his school friends and the club he's in. But he gets so explosive (his girlfriend broke up with- him and he texted her and said if she called him that name again he would kill her) for example. He lost his phone for 10 days and we showed him how a threat like that could be a felony according to the internet news.

    Why can't he just do right? He knows right from wrong why does every rule have to be tested?

    So we've told him since he hates the school and says he's not going back next year we are not spending a thousand dollars to send him on a vacation with them. Am I making a mistake? He is obviously upset. He says it's not his fault he wants to leave, etc.

    Part of me says just send him and maybe it will plant a positive seed in his rocky life but my husband says tough love. Please, I need opinions, we have to decide soon!
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    OMG I saw the words SPRING BREAK and all I could think of was SHUT UP!

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    Were any conditions made when you made the reservations? Grades must be XX? Attitude must be less than atrocious? If so, you have to stick to those conditions, in my humble opinion.

    If you're basing whether or not to send him on typical difficult child bluster ("I'm not going back to school next year"), then send him because if he's anything like thank you, he's all talk, no substance. Can't really punish him for something he hasn't done yet, you know? ;)
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    Not to take this situation less seriously than it needs to be taken but ARE YOU KIDDING! A week away from difficult child is my plight in life! Don't punish yourself beacuse difficult child is being an a**!
    But seriously, socialization may be a good thing especially if difficult child is looking forward to it. It may be a point of growth for difficult child? I would say if you can see a redeeming value to it, send him. If you feel this is an appropriate punishment than follow through. I know I haven't been much help - to be honest my head is a bit frazzled at the moment - I have sugar plum fairies dancing in my head at the thought of difficult child being out of the house for a whole week!:holymoly: